How Titan Streamlines Work and Maximizes Impact

How Titan Streamlines Work and Maximizes Impact

In the latest installment of our Spotlight on Success series, Greg Zubulake (Internal Audit Manager) at Titan International shares how his internal audit department boosts efficiency with AuditBoard. Headquartered in West Chicago, IL, Titan is a leading global manufacturing supplier of wheels, tires, and undercarriages for various off-the-road equipment that spans the agricultural, earth-moving, consumer, and construction segments. 

Hear how Titan addressed the risks that most affected their organization, including:

  • Created multiple audit program templates that can be leveraged for future use
  • Leveraged the platform’s AI features to refine writing for footnotes and issue descriptions
  • Streamlined their processes to spend more time on value-add activities 
Learn how Greg Zubulake at Titan streamlines work and maximizes impact with AuditBoard.

Tell us a little about Titan and what prompted the switch to AuditBoard.

Our previous solution suffered from reliability issues. This caused significant delays and frustration as we frequently experienced instances where the platform failed to function as intended. We wanted a new solution: something reliable and intuitive that would streamline our work, help us address the risks that most affect our organization, and maximize our impact. We wanted to spend less time on platform administration and more time on value-add activities.

What are some of the challenges you’ve addressed with AuditBoard?

Upon implementing AuditBoard, our team saw a significant boost in efficiency within the first few months of utilizing the OpsAudit module. We’ve created multiple audit program templates that can now be leveraged for future use. We’ve also streamlined our reporting. Previously, we built our reports via PowerPoint. That proved cumbersome and tedious since you have to create text boxes, reorganize, and reformat to make the information flow properly.

With OpsAudit, we leverage automation to integrate that process into the platform and improve efficiency. In today’s fast-paced environment, it’s not enough to work hard. You need to work smarter. That means leveraging technology like AuditBoard to streamline work and maximize impact. By adopting that mindset, you can maximize your resources and achieve your goals more effectively and efficiently.

What are some of the benefits you’ve experienced with AuditBoard?

AuditBoard plays a crucial role in enabling our internal audit department to streamline its processes. That reduces unnecessary clutter so our organization can clearly see the big picture. For instance, AuditBoard’s new AI program has proved extremely resourceful, even though it has only been available for a short time. We mainly use this tool to refine our writing – which includes footnotes and issue descriptions. However, the AI tool has been able to refine, shorten or lengthen, and develop content so we communicate what we need to. As a manager, the AuditBoard platform speaks for itself. The efficiency gains do the talking for me.