Nicole Ungaro, Global Director of Internal Audit was clearly impressed with what SOXHUB brought to the table.

Having been an auditor for over 17 years, and having worked in Internal Audit and SOX functions for various organizations including KPMG, Universal Electronics, Wet Seal & Quiksilver, Nicole Ungaro clearly understands the pain points in an SOX audit.

“We all love using the tool. It has been easy to transition consultants to work in SOXHUB. Before, everything was done manually through the use of Excel and Word. Super tedious work,” she says.

SOXHUB was built on a mantra of ‘single page control design’, which means all details and documents related to a control can be viewed and updated from one webpage. Previously, consultants faced challenges working with documents spread across different shared folders and managed by teams in different continents. With SOXHUB, on the other hand, they are able to manage and review all SOX related documents from one platform.

Real-time testing status

Before SOXHUB, obtaining and reporting testing status was an endless time-consuming task. Nicole recalls how ‘getting a clear picture of the control testing status’ was the single biggest frustration she faced. Due to the decentralized nature of the internal control environment, coordinating with teams in different regions was a perpetual challenge. To eliminate such complexities with reporting testing status, SOXHUB’s dashboard provides a single page-real time snapshot of the entire organization’s SOX testing status. No wonder then that Nicole considers ‘Dashboard’ to be the one SOXHUB feature that is most critical to her work now. Moreover, since users across the company use standardized controls from SOXHUB’s control library, there are no issues surrounding standardization of controls.

Efficiency in managing testing

Nicole sees a big improvement in team coordination after the implementation of SOXHUB:

“We are more efficient in working as a team and it is much easier to divide and conquer the workload.”

Testers and reviewers can be easily assigned to controls in SOXHUB while the Director of Internal Audit constantly tracks the status of the work. Through the SOXHUB tool, reviewers can dynamically review and comment on the work performed by other team members, thereby, reducing the time spent on conducting status meetings and drafting review emails. Nicole and her global internal audit team realized significant benefits in its SOX compliance efforts and are now big proponents of SOXHUB’s value to the organization.

“I have seen a few tools out there and SOXHUB is the most user-friendly and continuously improves the input and output functionality based on customer feedback.”