Every organization begins with its people. Cornerstone OnDemand, a global provider of talent management software, provides a cloud-based platform that helps organizations recruit, train, and manage their people.

Founded in 1999 by Adam Miller, Cornerstone OnDemand has grown into a leading global SaaS company, with an estimated 25 million users in 191 countries. Given the size of the company and its high growth rate, one of the areas that has become increasingly challenging has been the management of its SOX compliance program, due to the manual administrative nature of the work. As a result, Aditya Shah, Senior Manager of Controls and Compliance at Cornerstone OnDemand, searched for a SOX software solution with his team that could help them streamline their program. They ultimately landed on SOXHUB to help them with their goals.

"SOXHUB empowers teams to scale their SOX compliance operations. By streamlining our documentation and administrative efforts, it has freed up our time to address issues that require more judgment and ultimately add more value to our organization."
- Aditya Shah

Outlined below are some key areas where Aditya and his Controls and Compliance team have been able to leverage SOXHUB to gain significant value, while streamlining and eliminating key challenges around SOX compliance management:

Version Control

When a change is made to a Control Description, that change cascades throughout the system automatically, eliminating the possibility of version control issues. When Aditya wants to run a report of changes his team has made, SOXHUB allows him to quickly reference those changes in the Audit Log feature. This is a sidebar that gives a quick look at the history of changes made to a document. This allows Aditya a controlled environment with improved status visibility.

Automated Approval Workflows

With SOXHUB, all of Cornerstone OnDemand’s SOX documents are centralized in one place where all parties can review, comment, and approve. Aditya and his teammates are able to run a report and see the total figures for all of their tests instantly, and review and approve, all within the tool. This eliminates the back-and-forth communication via email, as both parties can now go into the tool and get a quick list of things they have to address.

Custom Reporting

Given the size of Cornerstone OnDemand and its presence across multiple countries and time zones, getting status reports for SOX tests is critical. According to Aditya, SOXHUB’s easy-to-use reporting functionality allows him to automatically get status reports and get a sense of where his team is at for all several hundred tests.

SOXHUB helped Cornerstone OnDemand save 80 SOX hours each month

Aditya estimates that SOXHUB helps his team save around 80 SOX resource hours every month. With these significant time savings in admin time, Cornerstone OnDemand’s Controls and Compliance team is able to use their time to do more value-add activities, such as operational audits and other special projects.

In short, software is revolutionizing how companies like Cornerstone OnDemand manage SOX by eliminating administrative time and improving efficiencies. Find out how SOXHUB can help your organization streamline SOX.

SOX hours saved: 960 hours a year

Key pain points resolved:

  • Real-time status reporting
  • Automated approvals
  • Version Control