Compliance Management Software

Manage global regulatory compliance, workflows, and certifications across multiple jurisdictions in one simple platform.

Compliance Management Software - AuditBoard


Regulatory requirements are continually evolving, and require companies to adopt compliance frameworks and functions. AuditBoard automates and streamlines these activities from assessing compliance to reporting to executive leadership.

  • Minimize Compliance Risk
    Minimize Compliance Risk

    Automate workflows and testing to respond to the ever-evolving compliance requirements.

  • One Universal Platform
    One Universal Platform

    Drive efficiency by managing all compliance assessments under one scalable platform.

  • Instant Visibility
    Instant Visibility

    Achieve a higher level of compliance maturity with visibility into controls adoption, weaknesses, and remediation plans.

Risk & Compliance Assessment

Easy-to-Adopt Frameworks

Quickly implement a variety of regulations and industry standards. Streamline your framework gap assessment and easily create a common controls framework to avoid redundant testing. Supported frameworks include PCI-DSS, GDPR, NIST, ISO, SOC, and more.

Risk and Compliance Assessment
Easy-to-Adopt Frameworks

Efficiently Perform Assessments

Perform assessments, including self-certifications, audit readiness, and collaboration with regulators in one platform. AuditBoard facilitates the entire process from planning and evidence collection to reporting and dashboarding.

Easy-to-Adopt Frameworks

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Issue/Weakness Management & Remediation

Issue/Weakness Management & Remediation

Identify, risk-rank, designate remediation owners, and track the status of issues/weaknesses in one central platform. Drill down through executive-level dashboards and detailed reports.

Compliance Testing Software for PCI, SOC, NIST Compliance
Automated Policies & Procedures

Policy Lifecycle Management

Streamline and centralize policy creation, review, approval, and dissemination to all stakeholders in one platform. Automate the periodic review process with built-in workflows to save time and make it easy to keep track of policy exceptions. 

Ready-to-use Risk & Compliance Control Libraries

Other Features


Seamless integration with the solutions you depend on most — like Microsoft Office, G Suite, Jira, ServiceNow, messaging applications, analytics tools, and more — helps simplify and orchestrate your team’s natural workflow.


The AuditBoard platform is designed and built with an API-first approach. Our REST API can be leveraged to extend the capabilities and integration points of AuditBoard to just about any use case.

Highly Configurable

As a system administrator, you are enabled to manage the majority of configuration updates yourself, making it quicker and easier to make desired changes or updates.

AuditBoard Platform

AuditBoard offers a fully integrated platform for internal audit, SOX, compliance, and risk management, all united by a powerful, intuitive workflow.

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Happier Together

The AuditBoard platform is seamlessly integrated to empower your team to work smart and audit happy.

One user-friendly interface, one risk universe for the entire enterprise, united by the most intuitive and collaborative workflow.

Our tools are powerful alone, but you’ll be even happier when you use
them together.

SOX Management Simplified

SOXHUB - SOX Management

Automate your entire SOX program from process ownAuditBoard's top-rated audit, risk, and compliance platform helps you take your team and your business to places beyond.ers to board members in one intuitive, easy-to-use platform.

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Workflow Made Intuitive

WorkStream - Workflow

Certifications & PBC Requests:
Process Owners can now work seamlessly with their auditors.

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Internal Audit Streamlined

OpsAudit - Operational Audit

Collaborate with your team and manage audit planning, fieldwork and reporting in one easy-to-use tool.

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