Customer Success Kickoffs

Upon signing up for AuditBoard, our Customer Success Team reaches out with a welcome email in the first week and schedules a kick-off call with your team. During the kick-off call, we discuss your environment and outline the implementation process.


Basic Setup

Your Customer Success Lead provides your team with a tailored implementation plan based on your environment and needs. An outline of items required for your data implementation will be provided and the following steps completed:

  • Client Provides internal controls Documents
  • Determine Customizations
  • Determine Structure of the Environment
  • Designate User Roles and Permissions
  • Schedule Pre-Implementation Call


Once the data provided has been reviewed and finalized for upload, our Implementation Specialists will migrate the Risk and Controls data into your instance along with all related process documents. Test templates can also be setup during this stage. Users can complete the following steps:

  • Determine Go-Live Date
  • Provide list of User Names and Roles
  • Schedule date for the Initial Training Session


Upon completion of the Basic Setup and Implementation, your team is now ready for Onboarding. User Access is granted and the AuditBoard Customer Success Lead will provide an on-site or off-site training, depending on your needs, and stays with you for any follow up training sessions.


Customer Success Support

At the end of Onboarding, your Customer Success Lead will schedule regular check-ins to ensure your success on AuditBoard. Going forward, your team can reach out to your Customer Success Lead via email and phone for questions or guidance on best practices.