AuditBoard Announces Availability of Powerful AI Capabilities

AuditBoard Announces Availability of Powerful AI Capabilities

LOS ANGELES, CA — April 24, 2024 — AuditBoard, the leading cloud-based platform transforming audit, risk, compliance, and ESG management, today announced that its powerful artificial intelligence capabilities are now generally available. As part of the company’s innovative and award-winning connected risk platform, AuditBoard AI incorporates generative AI, and other private AI models to help audit, risk, infosec, and ESG teams work smarter while meeting the security and privacy needs of the enterprise. 

The application of AI represents a significant opportunity for teams managing risk to better connect data across functions, craft content, and proactively surface issues, risks, and insights. AuditBoard AI is designed to enable practitioners across functions to leverage generative content to draft risk and control descriptions, use AI models to identify duplicative work, map controls across frameworks, and help their businesses grow securely by proactively identifying gaps in their controls and risk mitigation plans. 

“AuditBoard AI has been a game-changer for me and my team,” said Melissa Pici, Senior IT Audit Manager at Syniverse. “I can get things done more quickly, which means it’s a huge capacity multiplier. Something that used to take twenty minutes now takes only five.”

AI to Elevate the Experience of Audit, Risk, and Compliance Practitioners 

AuditBoard AI elevates the experience of audit, risk, infosec, and ESG practitioners and their stakeholders, helping them work faster and smarter by surfacing relevant insights, providing intelligent suggestions, and automating workflows like report summarization, issue creation, control mapping, and more. Within AuditBoard’s connected risk platform, AI is seamlessly integrated into practitioner workflows to provide key benefits such as:

  • Improved visibility: Analyzes large amounts of data and detects patterns to identify missing framework mapping requirements, duplicate requests and controls, and potential risks.
  • Increased efficiency: Maximizes productivity by refining your processes to produce high-quality content and establish meaningful connections swiftly.
  • Secure operation: Ensures enterprise-level safety via human validation and review. 

“Audit, risk, and infosec teams are increasingly overwhelmed by the scale and complexity of today’s risk environment and are looking to securely leverage AI technology to automate important tasks, as well as glean insights and recommendations to maximize their impact,” said Anton Dam, VP of AI at AuditBoard. “AuditBoard AI helps them do just that. By taking a human-centered approach, AuditBoard also ensures that safety, transparency, and accountability are prioritized in our AI solution’s development and deployment.” 

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