SOX Compliance Software

Auditors, process owners, executives, and external auditors can finally take control of SOX with the most complete and user-friendly SOX software on the market.

“We are currently certifying almost 250 controls on a quarterly basis. We could not have achieved this without a solution such as the one SOXHUB provides.”

Steve Siguenza

Steve Siguenza, Spectrum Brands

SOXHUB - SOX Compliance Software


SOX Management just got a whole lot easier. Automate your entire SOX program in one simple tool.

  • Increase Visibility
    Increase Visibility

    Gain instant visibility into status with custom role-based dashboards and ready-to-use reports.

  • Simplify Documentation
    Simplify Documentation

    Sync updates across risks, controls and testing information. Eliminate version control issues.

  • Save Time
    Save Time

    Automate administrative tasks, streamline testing and certification, and simplify SOX reporting.

Dashboards & SOX Reporting

Dashboards & Reporting

Monitor your entire SOX environment in real time. Keep your audit team on track with overview and role-based dashboards. Build stunning reports in seconds with our ready-to-use report templates and custom report builder.

SOX Reporting & Dashboards
SOX Documentation


Keep SOX documentation accurate, consistent and easily accessible. Make changes to any risk, control or narrative and have them update across your environment and related documents instantly. Eliminate version control issues with detailed audit trails, version history and role-based permissions.

SOX Documentation

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Walkthroughs & SOX Testing

Walkthroughs & Testing

Simplify and organize the entire testing process. Manage PBC requests, test evidence, workpapers and review comments in one place. Add tick marks and annotations directly to workpapers in SOXHUB. Import and use external auditors’ workpaper templates to ensure seamless handoff.

SOX Testing & Walkthroughs
AuditBoard Intelligence

AuditBoard Intelligence

Get a pulse on all your audit, risk, and compliance projects and programs with one powerful, unified AuditBoard Intelligence (ABI) dashboard. Select any variety of data points to create an elegant and detailed visual summary. Drill down by key/non-key controls, entities, test phase, external auditor reliance, due date, and more.

AuditBoard Intelligence
Issue Management

Issue Management

Track issues and make sure remediation gets done. Have new issues automatically map to a deficiency log. Use automated workflows to easily capture, assign and track issues for remediation. Capture, analyze and report on any data point around your issues.

SOX Compliance Issue Management

Other Features

File Management & Collaboration

One solution for all your SOX work. Connect, preview and edit Excel, Word, Visio, PDF, and G Suite files without leaving the platform.


Automatically send notifications for control updates, new tasks, review requests, upcoming due dates and more. Schedule daily and weekly email alerts on a per-user basis.

Archive & Roll-Forward

Archive and Roll Forward quickly. Controls data and test procedures are automatically archived at the end of each year and test sheets reset automatically.

AuditBoard Platform

AuditBoard offers a fully integrated platform for internal audit, SOX, compliance, and risk management, all united by a powerful, intuitive workflow.

platform placeholder

Happier Together

The AuditBoard platform is seamlessly integrated to empower your team to work smart and audit happy.

One user-friendly interface, one risk universe for the entire enterprise, united by the most intuitive and collaborative workflow.

Our tools are powerful alone, but you’ll be even happier when you use
them together.

Workflow Made Intuitive

WorkStream - Workflow

Certifications & PBC Requests:
Process Owners can now work seamlessly with their auditors.

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Internal Audit Streamlined

OpsAudit - Operational Audit

Collaborate with your team and manage audit planning, fieldwork and reporting in one easy-to-use tool.

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Compliance Management Unified

Compliance Control

Manage all compliance activities in one central tool: NIST, ISO, HITRUST, PCI, FINRA, GDPR, SOC.

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