Access Controls

Configure security policies and permissions on a granular level.

  • Strong Authentication Customize password strength requirements, password re-use policies, and failed login attempt limits.

  • IP Restrictions Limit what networks can access the AuditBoard application.

  • Precise Authorization With permissions at every level, restrict what each user and role can access or change.

  • Information Barriers Setup restrictions to partition and silo internal data within your organization.

Data Protection

  • Transport Encryption Data is only transferred using high-grade TLS/SSL encryption, including between servers.

  • Storage Encryption All files, databases, and backups are encrypted before being written to permanent disk storage.

  • Data Integrity Your data is protected from loss or corruption by versioning, deletion, and transactional controls.

  • Firewalls AuditBoard leverages Amazon's VPC firewall along with automated threat detection to secure servers.

Comprehensive Audit Trails

  • Audit Logs Every data change made in the system is recorded against the authenticated user.

  • Login History Every successful or failed attempt to access your AuditBoard instance is recorded and viewable.

  • Automated Notifications Notifications allow users to be notified when changes are made to the data they manage.

Cloud Hosting

AuditBoard leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) for cloud infrastructure.

  • Trusted Thousands of companies worldwide rely on AWS.

  • Redundancy Servers are replicated and load-balanced across data centers and regions.

  • Software Security Infrastructure access is restricted by multi-factor authentication and secure digital keys.

  • Physical Security AWS data centers use biometric entry authentication and have 24/7 monitoring.

Software Upgrades

  • Isolation Your company will have their own dedicated instance of the AuditBoard.

  • Stay Informed Receive detailed release notes on upcoming product versions and request access to preview instances on demand.

  • Maintain Control Determine whether and when a version update will be performed on your company's instance.

Realtime Backup

  • Continuous-protection Rolling transaction logs allow for data recovery at 1-second granularity.

  • Daily Backups Encrypted full backups are made daily and stored in redundant, versioned 53 storage.

  • Export Everything All data and files in AuditBoard can be exported in common formats such as CSV.


AuditBoard integrates with your corporation's IT solutions.

  • Cloud Storage Leverage your company's existing file storage, whether it be Box, Google Drive, or OneDrive.

  • Single-Sign-On Supports SAML-compliant SSO including Active Directory, OneLogin, or Okta.