Internal Audit Management Software

Get more audits done. Manage audit planning, fieldwork, and reporting in one simple platform.

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Get more audits done. Collaborate with your team and manage audit planning, fieldwork and reporting in one simple platform.

  • Centralization

    Manage your audit projects and conduct all of your risk analysis in one simple platform.

  • Collaborate With Your Team
    Collaborate With Your Team

    Collaborate on audit plans and resource allocation with your team in one place.

  • Real-Time Visibility
    Real-Time Visibility

    Get real-time visibility into the status of your audit plan, issue reporting and remediation status.

Audit Universe

Risk Assessment

Perform risk assessments and report on coverage across your auditable entities to develop an efficient and effective audit plan. See all of your auditable entities in one centralized audit universe, including related audits, risks, and issues.

Audit Universe
Intuitive Workflows

Intuitive Workflows

Streamline fieldwork, testing, and review with built-in workflows for preparers and reviewers. Manage evidence, documentation, and review comments in a central place. Improve collaboration with the ability to tag users. Edit workpapers directly in native files with our best-in-class Microsoft Office and G Suite integrations.

Intuitive Workflows
Evidence Management

Evidence Management

Say goodbye to the hours spent reaching out and following up with email. AuditBoard automates follow-up and keeps stakeholders on track. You’re enabled to create, send, and monitor the status of document requests with ease.

Evidence Management

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Issue Remediation and Action Plan Follow-up

Issue Remediation and
Action Plan Follow-up

Standardize and centralize enterprise-wide issue identification, follow-up, and reporting. Increase visibility with real-time remediation workflows that support multiple remediation owners and action plans.

Issue Remediation and Action Plan Follow-up
Template-driven Audits

Template-driven Audits

Ensure consistent work programs and save time with template-based audits. With just two clicks, you have the ability to clone partial or entire audits to efficiently build new or recurring audit plans.

Template-driven Audits
Real-time Dashboards & Reporting

Real-time Dashboards
and Reporting

Get high-level insights on the status and effectiveness of your annual audit plan on a single dashboard, with the ability to drill down and filter as desired. More than just a repository, OpsAudit delivers real-time data on your team’s activity. Leverage out-of-the-box AuditBoard Intelligence dashboards or build your own custom dashboards to satisfy all your reporting needs, without leaving the solution.

Real-time Dashboards & Reporting
Project Management and Time Tracking

Agile Audit Execution

Get real-time visibility across your entire audit program to increase collaboration, cut costs, and be more efficient with your resources. With AuditBoard, you have the flexibility to perform projects in traditional or agile project methodologies with the most user-friendly solution on the market.

Agile Audit Execution

Other Features

Time Tracking

Seamlessly track time, and gain real-time visibility on which tasks your team members are working on.

Microsoft Office Integration

Seamlessly work in native Microsoft Word and Excel files without ever leaving AuditBoard.

20 Day Implementation

We’ve raised the bar on the industry standard to get your team up and running quickly.

AuditBoard Platform

AuditBoard offers a fully integrated platform for internal audit, SOX, compliance, and risk management, all united by a powerful, intuitive workflow.

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Happier Together

The AuditBoard platform is seamlessly integrated to empower your team to work smart and audit happy.

One user-friendly interface, one risk universe for the entire enterprise, united by the most intuitive and collaborative workflow.

Our tools are powerful alone, but you’ll be even happier when you use
them together.

SOX Management Simplified

SOXHUB - SOX Management

Automate your entire SOX program from process ownAuditBoard's top-rated audit, risk, and compliance platform helps you take your team and your business to places beyond.ers to board members in one intuitive, easy-to-use platform.

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Workflow Made Intuitive

WorkStream - Workflow

Certifications & PBC Requests:
Process Owners can now work seamlessly with their auditors.

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Compliance Management Unified

Compliance Control

Manage all compliance activities in one central tool: NIST, ISO, HITRUST, PCI, FINRA, GDPR, SOC.

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