Operational Audit Software

Get more operational audits done. Manage audit planning, fieldwork, and reporting in one simple tool.

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Get more operational audits done. Collaborate with your team and manage audit planning, fieldwork and reporting in one simple tool.

  • Centralization

    Manage your audit projects and conduct all of your risk analysis in one simple platform.

  • Collaborate With Your Team
    Collaborate With Your Team

    Collaborate on audit plans and resource allocation with your team in one place.

  • Real-Time Visibility
    Real-Time Visibility

    Get real-time visibility across all internal audits. See and drill down into your audit plan status, progress of audit completion, and issue reporting and remediation status.

Customizable Workflow

Customizable Workflow

Conduct audits ranging from template audits to dynamic
risk-based audits. Create custom workflows for each step of
your audit program, and easily templatize and clone audits
year over year.

Operational Audit Customizable Workflow
Real-time Reporting and Dashboards

Real-time Reporting and Dashboards

Get real-time visibility across all of your audits and drill down
into open tasks. See your Audit Plan Status, Timing Metrics,
and comprehensive issue reporting and remediation status by

Operational Audit Reports and Dashboards

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Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis

Conduct all of your risk analysis in one platform. See your high risk
areas in SOX and operations for the entire organization, and have your
risks roll up to one universal risk library.

Operational Audit Risk Analysis
Project Management and Time Tracking

Project Management and Time Tracking

Quickly get visibility on what team members are working on. Bulk assign workpapers and cut back on workpaper administrative time. Budget hours and track actual hours by team members or by project.

Project Management and Time Tracking

Other Features

Dynamic Form Builder

Configure data fields from audit to audit with our dynamic form builder for audit, with integrated templates and test sheets to streamline the process.

File Management

One integrated platform for all your internal audit process management processes. Connect, preview and edit all of your documentation on Excel, Word, Visio, Adobe PDF, Google, Box files without downloading files.

Clone Templates

Never start from scratch: customize and clone testing and reporting templates for your audits easily.

AuditBoard Platform

AuditBoard offers a fully integrated platform for SOX, operational audits, IT compliance, and ERM, all united by a powerful, intuitive workflow.

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Happier Together

The AuditBoard platform is seamlessly integrated to empower your team to
work smart -- and audit happy.

One user-friendly interface, one audit and risk universe for SOX,
operational audits, and enterprise risk management, united by the most
powerful, intuitive workflow.

Our tools are powerful alone, but you’ll be even happier when you use
them together.

Internal Controls

SOXHUB - SOX Management

Automate your entire SOX program from process owners to board members in one intuitive, easy-to-use platform.

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Workflow Automation

WorkStream - Workflow

Certifications & PBC Requests:
Process Owners can now work seamlessly with their auditors.

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Risk Management

ERM Oversight

Identify, prioritize and plan for risk with our flexible, user-friendly enterprise risk management platform.

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