ESG & Sustainability Operationalized

Extend your audit, risk, and compliance capabilities with streamlined ESG program management.

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Engage Stakeholders

Leverage ESG data to streamline reporting and disclosures; engage with customers, employees, investors, and other stakeholders.

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Extend ERM to ESG

Bring audit, risk, compliance, internal control, and ESG management into a single system of record.


Ensure Audit-Readiness

Centralize all ESG data and evidence collection to work efficiently with internal and external auditors.

Streamline Data Collection

Get out of spreadsheets and emails! Send data requests directly from the tool and get your information in the format that you need. Admins get visibility into data collection progress, can set up a data verification and/or approval process, and ensure that data collected is in the proper format.

Leverage Materiality Assessments

Engage with your stakeholders and centralize their feedback. Use the results to analyze what’s important for your customers, employees, executives, partners, community and more – helping you set your ESG initiatives and goals.

Simplify Reporting, Disclosures, and Rating Submissions

Choose ESG topics and data metrics to track based on your materiality assessment(s), frameworks, disclosure guidelines, or ratings questionnaires (SASB, GRI, CDP, etc.). Collect data in the format that you need to meet any framework requirements, and export data as needed to support your disclosures and reporting.

Identify ESG Risks and Opportunities

Extend your enterprise risk management program with ESG data. Get the full picture of your ESG and sustainability programs to discover risks, opportunities, and progress to share with stakeholders.

Collect Evidence for Data Assurance

Make auditing easy and efficient by sharing a centralized data set. Know where data came from, who verified data, what approvals were given, and more.

Used by Hundreds of Audit, Risk, and Compliance Teams

Our intuitive and integrated platform enables these teams to concentrate their efforts on the risks and opportunities that are most relevant to the business and their strategic objectives.

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The Modern Connected Risk Platform

Elevate your audit, risk, sustainability, and compliance teams with the intelligent, collaborative, connected risk management platform.

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Streamline ESG program management and ensure data is audit-ready.

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