Accelerate Audit, Risk, and Compliance With AuditBoard AI

Work faster and smarter with AI-powered insights and intelligent recommendations to augment your capabilities and business impact.

Drive Efficiency and Help Your Business Scale Securely

Leverage AI to automate time-consuming workflows, identify emerging risks, and scale programs to meet the evolving needs of your business.

Generative AI

Audit, risk, and compliance practitioners spend thousands of hours per year crafting content and policy language to define the risk posture of their organization. Generative AI gives our users a starting point in generating risk and issue statements, control descriptions, test procedures, audit executive summaries, and much more.

Intelligent Recommendations

Your teams rely on data, but drawing connections and identifying trends is time-consuming. Intelligent Recommendations, our purpose-built machine learning algorithms, work to connect frameworks to controls and requirements to issues, helping you leverage your data while saving time.

Strengthen Your Workflows With the Power of AI

Purpose-built AI solutions that streamline, automate, and improve the accuracy to your core audit, risk, and compliance use cases.

Generate new controls, issues, and risks in minutes

AuditBoard AI instantly generates control, risk, and issue language based on your prompts and audit, risk, and compliance training. The drafted text can be easily shortened, lengthened, or refined for clarity by the AI and edited by a trained practitioner before it is accepted and published.

Map requirements and dedupe issues

Intelligent recommendations uncover insights in your data to suggest mapping between controls and framework requirements, connect risks and impacted controls, and uncover duplicate issues to save you time and identify trends in your environment.

Summarize audit findings

Generate executive summaries of internal and external audits that uncover insights and high-priority action items. Save your team time and ensure that escalations and key tasks never fall through the cracks.

AuditBoard AI allows seasoned auditors and less experienced team members alike to quickly start documentation of controls, issues, and risks. It is a capacity multiplier for the team and a value add to our stakeholders, aiding in our ability to provide clear, well-written information.

Melissa Pici

Senior IT Audit Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

Leverage the industry’s most modern platform and extensible integration layer to connect with the other applications your organization uses.

AuditBoard AI currently includes Generative capabilities that enable customers to contextually generate content tailored to your specific needs, as well as Intelligent Recommendations capabilities to facilitate more informed decision making and efficiency.

No. AuditBoard does not use our customer data to train AuditBoard AI or models.

AuditBoard customers can opt-in to the use of AuditBoard AI tools at any time. If you have any questions please reach out to your customer success manager to learn more. If you're not a customer, click here to request a demo and learn more about AuditBoard and AuditBoard AI.

AuditBoard has been very intentional from the start of our AI development to prioritize security and privacy as primary concerns. Our models are either developed and hosted locally or utilize third party integrations with equivalently well-established data governance like Microsoft Azure. To learn more please see our AuditBoard’s Security Best Practices whitepaper and our Security Page.

“Intelligent Recommendations” and “Generative” outputs are machine generated. We strive for a high level of quality and accuracy and are continuously updating our models based on customer feedback. However, we recognized that every organization is different and it is important that all AI generated deliverables go through a practitioner-mediated, human review process before being accepted for use in your environment. To support this we’ve ensured that all AI workflows are clearly marked and built to enable human-in-the-loop validation.

AuditBoard AI consists of machine learning models developerd in-house used for Intelligent Recommendations and a third-party model that leverages Microsoft Azure OpenAI service to power our Generative AI service.