Risk Management Software

Integrate and elevate your risk management programs — including the identification, assessment, response, mitigation, and monitoring of risks — in a highly integrated, visual, and intuitive way.

RiskOversight Dashboard

Take the complexity and administrative effort out of risk management to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your audit, risk, and compliance programs.

  • Increase Visibility
    Increase Visibility

    Gain global insight to drive key decisions, expand coverage, and proactively manage risk.

  • Save Time
    Save Time

    Streamline your risk assessments, reporting, and action plan management.

  • Centralize Risk Management
    Centralize Risk Management

    Ensure the timeliness, quality, and availability of risk data and trends.

Unify Risk Data

Standardize risks to increase collaboration and create a common language for risk across the organization. Gain combined assurance and save time copying changes throughout documentation and by linking risks, controls, and mitigating activities across the AuditBoard platform.

Streamline Your Risk
Management Program

Save time by automating distribution and aggregation of risk assessments, monitoring action plans to completion, and increasing engagement from business owners.

Flexibly perform automated risk surveys or in-person interviews to fit your unique risk assessment process. Dynamically score risk by collecting impact, likelihood, controls, strength, and other risk criteria ratings.

Gain Visibility
into Risk Trends

Drive key decisions and inform audit, risk, and compliance programs with dashboards and heatmaps that visualize top risks. Gain risk coverage by easily linking controls and mitigating activities being performed by Audit or Compliance across the AuditBoard platform.

Perform trend analysis through real-time visualizations that measure the effectiveness of your efforts, and proactively manage risk by monitoring key risk indicators.

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Drive Mitigation
Action Plans

Create and assign action plans to owners with a single click. Manage action plans with speed and efficiency leveraging built-in workflows. Get instant visibility into remediation progress and automate follow-up on outstanding tasks.

The Platform That Brings the Enterprise Together

The Platform That Brings the Enterprise Together

With AuditBoard, you are able to connect your teams, data, and reporting for the ultimate in efficiency.

Centered on user experience, AuditBoard provides you with the industry’s most intuitive and integrated platform for Internal Audit, Risk Management, InfoSec, and IT Compliance teams.

Whether you deploy one, two, or all four solutions, the AuditBoard platform provides great value by eliminating silos, increasing visibility, and saving time for everyone involved.

SOX Management Simplified

SOXHUB - SOX Management

Automate your entire SOX program from process owners to board members in one intuitive, easy-to-use platform.

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SOXHUB - SOX Management

Collaborate with your team and manage audit planning, fieldwork and reporting in one easy-to-use tool.

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CrossComply - Compliance Management Unified

Manage all compliance activities in one central tool: NIST, ISO, HITRUST, PCI, FINRA, GDPR, SOC.

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