AuditBoard’s New Features Power Audit, Risk, and Compliance Workflows

AuditBoard’s New Features Power Audit, Risk, and Compliance Workflows

Each quarter, we highlight key capabilities released by AuditBoard. We’ve collected a summary of key features released in Q2 2024, with the opportunity to learn more about additional product releases in the AuditBoard Help Center.

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Introducing AuditBoard AI

See AuditBoard Innovations in Action

We’re excited to announce AuditBoard AI, which is purpose-built to enhance and accelerate audit, risk, and compliance programs. Our platform-wide technology incorporates generative AI, machine learning, and natural language processing to assist teams with crafting high-quality content and analyzing information to provide intelligent recommendations for deeper data insights, all while meeting the security and privacy needs of the business. 

Work Smarter With Greater Impact

Resource Planning capabilities are now available in SOXHUB! Streamline the resource planning process by scheduling resources across internal control and non-internal control projects in one integrated solution while referencing contextual information. Annotate functionality in OpsAudit and SOXHUB has also been enhanced to include Excel to PDF conversions for supporting documentation and allow multiple annotations to be applied per attribute. In TPRM, reviewers and admins can now override questionnaire responses and scores while documenting a reason for the change to simplify the process of determining a vendor risk score as additional information is provided. 

Surface and Manage More Risk

Risk assessment capabilities in ITRM have been expanded to now include the ability to perform Entity Risk Assessments, enabling teams to more quickly assess IT assets or systems without having to individually assess related controls. Similarly, RCSA functionality in RiskOversight has been enhanced to enable additional criteria to be used to calculate risk, such as when calculating control strength or effectiveness.

Drive Frontline Ownership

Drive ownership and collaboration with stakeholders using the new Microsoft Teams integration to provide users with the flexibility to receive automated notifications from AuditBoard in Microsoft Teams. Additionally, we’ve expanded the Automated Evidence Collection beta program to include OpsAudit and SOXHUB customers who are interested in testing new HRIS integrations with systems like ADP Workforce, TriNet HR, and Workday HCS to eliminate the burden of manual evidence collection.

Other Product News

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  • Release Spotlight Webinar: Interested in seeing new features in action? Join our next Release Spotlight webinar hosted by Customer Success on Wednesday, May 8 at 9 AM PT for live demos of select features and Q&A with product experts. Register today!
  • New AuditBoard Academy Courses
    • API Developer Portal: Need help understanding how to interact with AuditBoard’s API? Learn the basics, including how to interact with the API Developer Portal to build custom API integrations.  
    • AuditBoard Annotate: Learn how to test and review with Annotate in SOXHUB and OpsAudit
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  • Thought Leadership: Register for our upcoming webinar with IA360 on Tuesday, May 7 at 11 AM PT to hear from a panel of industry experts on key banking risks prompting change in internal audit and actionable strategies for effectively addressing these challenges. Sign up to save your spot