Most Popular Webinars of 2023: ESG Edition

Most Popular Webinars of 2023: ESG Edition

The regulatory landscape for ESG has been a constantly moving target in 2023. In the US, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has proposed climate disclosure rules that would impact public corporations. Meanwhile, California has already passed its climate disclosure law. Internal auditors closely follow these developments since ESG reporting risks will likely affect the assurance teams. AuditBoard’s Webinar Series brought together ESG professionals, compliance experts, and advisors, who shared actionable best practices assurance teams can use immediately as they tackle the complexities of emerging ESG requirements. 

In 2023, AuditBoard hosted 43 audit, risk, and compliance webinars that attracted over 61,000 attendees. The outstanding speakers for AuditBoard’s webinars covered emerging risk topics impacting organizations like auditing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) programs, cybersecurity, integrated risk management (IRM), and artificial intelligence (AI). The speakers covered topics ranging from high-level trends to the specifics of complying with new ESG disclosure and reporting regulations. As a bonus, we were able to grant over 51,000 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits to support a variety of assurance certifications. In this article, we share the primary trends from the ESG webinars we hosted in 2023 and how you can access our most popular webinars of the year, which are now available to watch on demand.

2023 ESG Webinar Trends

The most popular ESG webinars followed three trending topics: preparing for the upcoming requirements, implementing reporting controls, and streamlining reporting processes. The need for these webinars was made evident by a study AuditBoard published in August 2023 titled 2023 ESG Maturity Benchmarking Report: Accelerating ESG Transformation. The report showed that “two-thirds of organizations have not implemented ESG controls, and that 60% do not currently perform internal ESG audits.” With current and looming regulations, the need for these controls is urgent. 

AuditBoard’s Most Popular ESG Webinars of 2023

As you explore the many topics available as on-demand webinars, these are the most popular ESG sessions from 2023, in no particular order.

  1. The Business Value of Addressing the Coming SEC Rules on ESG – When considering the impact the SEC’s rules will have on organizations, assurance teams should start planning the specific steps they will take today, tomorrow, and in the future to prepare for compliance, reduce ESG risk exposure for their organizations, and in the process, protect brand equity and stock prices, among other tangible benefits. AuditBoard and Deloitte discuss how teams can get started before the SEC formalizes the rules. 
  2. Navigating the Evolving Landscape of ESG Reporting: Insights and Best Practices for Audit, Risk, and Compliance – In a panel discussion, CSG International, SEE, Graphic Packaging International, and AuditBoard explore the latest updates from the SEC, including the recently introduced Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and other relevant frameworks, and provide valuable insights on how to effectively prepare and integrate existing frameworks and guidelines to meet the evolving regulatory landscape.
  3. Internal Audit and ESG Sustainability Reporting – Internal Audit leaders from McDermott share insights on how their organization’s internal audit department supports their company’s readiness journey for compliance with new guidelines.
  4. Maturing ESG Program Management – With the SEC likely to formalize climate disclosures in 2024,  ESG subject matter experts from AuditBoard share best practices for building an audit-ready ESG program.
  5. ESG Controls and Governance: Examining Critical Oversight Needs – Business consultants from EY discuss the need for ESG controls to ensure data is accurate, complete, and reliable, as well as risk assessments, data collection and analysis, internal reporting and verification processes, and external assurance.

Stay Up to Date With Timely Thought Leadership 

AuditBoard’s on-demand webinars address compliance teams’ most critical concerns and contain information that will enhance your skill set and prepare your team as new compliance risks emerge. As we start the new year, the risks and mitigation strategies covered in these webinars will continue to play an essential role in compliance. Now is the perfect time to revisit the expert guidance provided in the on-demand webinars above and so many more, and register to earn free CPE credits in AuditBoard’s 2024 Webinar Series.