How Valmont Industries Collaborates Seamlessly With Audit Stakeholders

How Valmont Industries Collaborates Seamlessly With Audit Stakeholders

In our Spotlight on Success series, Joe Glab, Senior IT Auditor at Valmont Industries, discusses how his team leverages AuditBoard’s connected platform to provide visibility to internal stakeholders to take ownership of their controls. Based in Omaha, Nebraska, Valmont is a global leader that improves life by providing vital infrastructure and advancing agricultural productivity with a commitment to conserving resources while driving innovation through technology. Hear how this team eliminated version control issues, gained workflow efficiencies, and more by switching from a manual environment to AuditBoard, including:

  • Leveraging AuditBoard’s SOXHUB and OpsAudit modules to seamlessly interface with business clients.
  • Streamlining communication with key stakeholders using configurable software with role-based permissions.
  • Saving time by engaging issue owners to make their own updates in the intuitive, user-friendly platform.
Joe Glab of Valmont Industries shares how his team eliminated version control issues and gained workflow efficiencies with AuditBoard.

Tell us a little about challenges you faced in your previous manual environment. 

“I’m a Senior IT Auditor with Valmont. I’ve been doing IT audit for about 16 years, and currently, I handle anything to do with IT audit. We do SOX compliance work since we are a publicly traded company. We also do operational audits, which include things like IT security and disaster recovery.”

When I came on board, we used spreadsheets and word documents. You can get by with those things and you can somewhat effectively communicate, but it’s very hard because version control, sharing your work, and knowing where the progress are difficult.”

What benefits have you seen from having AuditBoard as a single source of truth for all documentation?

AuditBoard helps keep everything standardized and allows you to use anything from Excel to PowerPoint to PDF — anything you need. You still have the flexibility of the products that you’re used to, but you also have the dynamic ability to use them all together.”

How has AuditBoard’s intuitive UI helped you streamline your workflow and communicate with the business? 

“AuditBoard has a very clear path showing what’s due and when a manager has reviewed something. I think that was the impetus [for implementing a software solution], we wanted a tool that everybody can use, and AuditBoard is very intuitive.”

“The nice thing is you can set up AuditBoard to work with your business customers, If we have issues that they need to then put action plans towards, they can go into AuditBoard, see their issues, and easily add information. The best part is it sends out a link to them and they only access what they need. They don’t have access to my workpapers or any information that’s outside of their purview.”

“I will say that AuditBoard has been very convenient to use. Clearly I’m a big fan. We didn’t have a system before, I can tell you that having a system means there’s a lot more time. Having everything more organized and ready to go — it’s always better.”