AI should elevate the experience of audit, risk, and compliance practitioners and their stakeholders. We believe AI should help teams and departments work faster and smarter by surfacing relevant insights, providing intelligent recommendations, and automating workflows like issue creation and control mapping, all to accelerate a connected approach to risk management.

As the system of record for our customers’ sensitive data, AuditBoard maintains stringent security and privacy standards for our audit, risk, and compliance platform while empowering our customers with cutting-edge technologies. 

To accomplish this, AuditBoard follows 4 principles in our research, development, and implementation of AI technologies:  

Safe and Secure 

AI introduces a new set of challenges and opportunities for organizations. Our approach is designed to leverage our deep expertise in audit, risk management, and information security to allow you to maximize the value of AI while managing the risk.

We are devoted to making sure customer data is both secure and siloed. Additionally, any interaction with customer data follows our current enterprise-grade guidelines for data governance. To ensure visibility, we’re committed to giving you a line of sight into how AI is leveraged in our platform to enable you to make informed decisions on where and how your teams can use these new capabilities. And, to make sure you’re always in control we’ve ensured all AI workflows are clearly marked and intuitively built to enable human-in-the-loop review and validation.

Purpose Built

We are committed to delivering purpose-built AI solutions differentiated from other offerings on the market. We do this by tailoring our generative AI solutions to meet the unique needs of audit, risk, and IT compliance teams and by training our proprietary machine learning algorithms on industry-specific data.

This ensures the deliverables and recommendations practitioners receive are relevant, contextualized, and highly accurate, helping save teams time and augmenting their bandwidth by surfacing insights and cutting the length of time-intensive tasks.


New technologies and breakthroughs carry the risk of creating more work and complexity than they drive value and simplicity. AuditBoard takes a human-centered design approach to integrating AI into our platform ensuring that audit, risk, and compliance professionals can operate more effectively and efficiently. 

This means prioritizing ease of use and limiting the training necessary to leverage AI while implementing the technology in ways that make human validation of AI deliverables, managing AI use, and AI use cases as seamless as possible and fully incorporated into your existing workflows. 


Finally, what sets AuditBoard’s approach to AI apart is our connected risk model and our unified data core that brings together vital information across audit, risk, ESG, and compliance teams. The foundations of our platform enable AuditBoard AI to help you make the most of your data and build connections across your organization to drive business resilience and enable secure growth. 

In the long term, we see AI as a key part of our strategy to help our customers achieve a connected risk state for your business. AuditBoard AI will accelerate your ability to share insights across teams to more reliably and effectively respond to emerging threats as well as take advantage of business opportunities. 

These principles will help us iterate and learn to ensure we can enable our customers with industry-leading technology while maintaining the highest standards of safety, privacy, and security. We’re eager to work with you and discover ways to integrate AI into your workflows to help you do more. 


Daniil Karp is a SaaS business professional with over a decade helping organizations bring revolutionary new practices and technologies into the fields of IT security and Compliance, HR/recruiting, and collaborative work management. Prior to joining AuditBoard Daniil worked in go-to-market at companies including Asana and 6sense.


Anton Dam is the VP of Engineering for Data, AI/ML at AuditBoard. In his role, Anton is responsible for the development and deployment of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to enhance audit, risk, and compliance workflows. His experience includes developing enterprise AI products at LinkedIn and Workday, as well as at startups such as Restless Bandit and Skupos.