AuditBoard Announces CrossComply, an InfoSec Compliance & Risk Solution

AuditBoard Announces CrossComply, an InfoSec Compliance & Risk Solution

CrossComply Simplifies and Streamlines Compliance Management Across the Enterprise and Across Frameworks.

LOS ANGELES, CA, April 19, 2021 — AuditBoard, the innovative cloud-based platform transforming how enterprises manage their compliance and risk programs, and enabling enterprises to manage their information security and IT risk while streamlining the process of maintaining compliance with evolving standards and regulations — including SOC, ISO, PCI, NIST, GDPR, CMMC, and more — has been relaunched as CrossComply™. The new name reflects the solution’s distinct capabilities to streamline managing compliance across frameworks, controls, policies, and more, across the enterprise. CrossComply is one of four solutions available within AuditBoard’s integrated GRC platform, which streamlines and simplifies audit, risk, and compliance programs for large organizations.

The need for a powerful cloud-based solution to help enterprises navigate today’s fast-changing information security and increasingly global risk environment has come into sharp focus in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Digitization trends, growing cybersecurity concerns, and increasing regulation are all driving the need for technology to help in managing the complexities of today’s compliance landscape. Gartner recently cited IT Governance as a top risk in 2021, and a March 2021 AuditBoard market survey found that 47% of teams are still managing IT and information security compliance with manual processes and spreadsheets, leaving themselves vulnerable to errors, gaps, and risks. 

“Achieving and maintaining compliance across multiple regulations, standards, and frameworks can be a complex and incredibly time-consuming effort for information security, compliance, and risk teams, but such efforts are critical to protecting and enabling the organization in today’s dynamic risk environment,” said Rajiv Makhijani, Senior Vice President of Product at AuditBoard. “CrossComply gives these critical teams a powerful, easy-to-use solution to manage requirements and controls, close gaps, prepare for audits, manage policies, and streamline compliance processes across the enterprise. It also provides needed visibility into IT risk through best-in-class reporting capabilities.”

CrossComply’s reporting capabilities allow teams to view risk and compliance assessment results at a glance, stay on top of key risks via real-time dashboards, and automate reporting on assessments, exception and gap remediation, and outstanding tasks. The solution also increases efficiency by centralizing information; automating administrative tasks, checklist activities, reviews, and approvals; and simplifying version control and audit tracking.

The CrossComply name and logo evoke the ability to work smart and seamlessly across the complexities and overlapping properties of today’s information security standards. The name also signifies the collaborative nature of the solution in enabling teamwork, making compliance a more inclusive and engaging process across the enterprise.

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