New AuditBoard Features Enable Teams to Deliver More Value With Greater Precision and Connected Insights

New AuditBoard Features Enable Teams to Deliver More Value With Greater Precision and Connected Insights

Each quarter, we highlight key capabilities released by AuditBoard. We’ve collected a summary of key features released in Q2 2023, with the opportunity to learn more about additional product releases in the AuditBoard Help Center. 

Increased Efficiency

Major efficiency updates for CrossComply users! Automatically surface actionable insights related to compliance against a single framework with Framework Overview to drive next steps and streamline program management. Evidence Collection Workflow has also been enhanced to drive efficiency in your compliance program by integrating evidence requests with the assessment process and enabling users to download evidence requests with a single click of a button. Lastly, a new Instantiated Controls List View is available, enabling all compliance controls to be managed from one central location – make updates to both library and instantiated controls, plus complete control testing directly in CrossComply with a new quick and full view panel.

Greater Precision

Map complex parent/child relationships within each risk category, visualize relationships, and automatically aggregate risk scores in a single view to better understand risk health with Risk Hierarchy in RiskOversight. TPRM users can also take advantage of Weighted Scoring to enable deeper insights into vendor risk by applying a weighted scoring methodology to questionnaires.

Enhanced Collaboration

Enable Compliance stakeholders to view all tasks assigned with the new Assessment Owner Experience, which consolidates assessment requests in the Owner Dashboard. TPRM users can now also configure Conditional Logic to create custom vendor questionnaires at scale and ensure only relevant questions are sent to vendors to drive engagement. 

In Case You Missed It

AuditBoard customers can click here to learn about even more product features now available as of Q2 2023. Want to see these features and more in action? Register for AuditBoard Community Office Hours on Wednesday, May 5, 2023 for a deep dive into the full list of new features and AuditBoard Academy courses available now!