AuditBoard Unveils New Automation and Analytics Capabilities at IIA GAM 2022

AuditBoard Unveils New Automation and Analytics Capabilities at IIA GAM 2022

AuditBoard Automation & Analytics integrates with modern RPA, analytics, and data warehouse solutions to drive efficiencies and provide continuous assurance.

LOS ANGELES, CA — March 14, 2022 — AuditBoard, the leading cloud-based platform transforming audit, risk, and compliance management, today announced the availability of AuditBoard Automation & Analytics, a powerful new automation and analytics solution for internal audit and SOX teams that leverages best-in-class applications and data sources to automate processes and streamline data analysis within AuditBoard’s award-winning platform. 

In today’s dynamic risk environment, having automated, real-time access to reliable data and analytics has become core to internal audit programs. According to an AuditBoard survey of North American chief audit executives, 84% of internal audit teams now use data extraction and advanced analytics solutions in their programs, and nearly 30% of them increased their use of such tools during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

However, most audit management solutions today take a proprietary approach and make it difficult to take advantage of more powerful, modern robotic process automation (RPA),  analytics, and data warehouse applications. AuditBoard’s unique, best-in-class ecosystem approach streamlines internal audit programs and provides the flexibility for internal audit teams to leverage leading RPA, analytics, and data warehouse solutions like Alteryx, Fastpath, and Snowflake to streamline processes and deliver the right analytics at the right time to help make improved data-driven decisions. 

“Internal audit leaders have voiced their need for powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use automation and analytics solutions for their teams,” explained Kevin Jhangiani, AuditBoard’s Chief Technology Officer. “They are also seeking a way to leverage best-of-breed RPA and analytics applications to enhance efficiency and productivity in their audit and risk work. We’ve answered their call by combining the third-party solutions they know and trust with the unparalleled user experience of the AuditBoard platform.”

AuditBoard Automation & Analytics works within AuditBoard’s innovative internal audit, SOX, risk management, and IT compliance solutions to accelerate projects and create efficiencies, empowering teams to surface risks earlier and provide continuous assurance. AuditBoard’s platform orchestrates and streamlines critical tasks including automated evidence collection, automated testing, continuous auditing, and continuous monitoring while centralizing documentation, evidence, requirements, design, testing, and version control. 

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