AuditTalk: Rick Baltz of Belden

AuditTalk: Rick Baltz of Belden

We’ve got a fresh edition of AuditBoard’s “AuditTalk” video series featuring leaders in the audit community discussing their perspectives on current issues, sharing their experiences, and offering insights on industry trends. Eric Groen of Protiviti sat down with Rick Baltz of Belden Inc. to talk about managing a diverse global internal audit team, keeping ahead of cybersecurity threats, and more. Check out the video! 

In this AuditTalk video, Eric Groen, Managing Director at Protiviti, asks Rick Baltz, Vice President, Internal Audit at Belden Inc., about how Rick leverages technology to manage his geographically dispersed team, how internal audit is getting involved in developing Belden’s cybersecurity program, and how his team is building out their data analytics capability. 

Rick Baltz of Belden Inc. shares how he leverages technology to manage a global internal audit team, gets involved with cybersecurity efforts, and has created data analytics around revenue recognition.

Stay tuned for more AuditTalk video interviews with audit community leaders about industry issues, insights, and experiences!

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