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In this edition of AuditBoard’s AuditTalk series, Eric Groen of Protiviti talks with Edmond Ho of Green Dot Corporation about ways to effectively integrate data and technology into an audit program, and future possibilities for leveraging AI and robotics to save time and costs. The AuditTalk series features leaders in the audit community discussing their perspectives on current issues, sharing their experiences, and offering insights on industry trends. Check out the video below! 

In the AuditTalk video below, Eric Groen, Managing Director at Protiviti, asks Edmond Ho, Director of Internal Audit at Green Dot Corporation about how his team integrates data analytics in the audit program to provide more significant audit findings. Watch to learn more about how Edmond’s team gets the data team involved in audit planning and explores ways to use technology like robotics and AI, all while staying in lock step with the audit committee, management, and regulators.

Edmond Ho of Green Dot Corporation shares how his team effectively integrates data and technology into an audit program, and explores future possibilities for leveraging AI and robotics.

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