COVID-19 Response Strategy: Evolving Internal Audit Practices for Success

COVID-19 Response Strategy: Evolving Internal Audit Practices for Success

Download our “COVID-19 Response Strategy: Evolving Internal Audit Practices for Success” whitepaper below to learn concrete ways audit teams can support their organization during this pandemic crisis to ensure the continuity of business operations and the safety of employees, vendors, and customers. Watch the full on-demand webinar recording to hear AuditBoard’s Anand Bhakta and Scott Madenburg go deeper into Internal Audit’s essential role in helping leadership prioritize and evolve their Coronavirus response strategies.

As cities and countries enforce various shelter-in-place and social distancing rules, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has uniquely interrupted modern business operations in a scenario that continues to play out in real time. While most enterprises have established Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans for interruptions such as cybersecurity attacks or natural disasters, many of the assumptions underlying such plans do not hold true for a pandemic such as COVID-19.

As evidenced in businesses across the world, it is people — rather than infrastructure — that have become unavailable as entire workforces have gone remote for an undefined period to prevent the further spread of the virus.

During this time, internal audit, compliance, and risk leaders will play a critical role in enabling executive leadership to respond to this ongoing crisis and keep their employees safe with minimal disruptions to business operations and shareholder value. Now, more than ever, organizations will need to rely on an adept Internal Audit function to provide direction and assurance on the organization’s critical processes and departments.

This whitepaper details ways Internal Audit can provide valuable leadership and guidance for the organization to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and continue to meet its business objectives, including practical strategies, examples, and questions to ask when:

  1. Identifying the Key Risks Associated with Your Organization’s Coronavirus Response Thus Far.
  2. Reassessing and Updating the Business Continuity Plan.
  3. Developing and Evolving New Mitigation Strategies.

Download our free whitepaper on COVID-19 Response Strategy: Evolving Internal Audit Practices for Success below to learn practical ways Internal Audit can respond to the current pandemic crisis.

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COVID-19 Response Strategy: Evolving Internal Audit Practices for Success

Anand Bhakta is Sr. Director of Risk Solutions at AuditBoard and a cofounder and Principal of SAS. He has over twenty years of audit and advisory experience. Anand spent 8 years at Ernst & Young prior to SAS, and has served as a trusted advisor for numerous internal audit and management executives. Connect with Anand on LinkedIn.


Scott Madenburg, CIA, CISA, CRMA, is Market Advisor, SOX & Internal Audit at AuditBoard. Prior to AuditBoard, Scott was Head of Audit at Mobilitie LLC, with nearly two decades experience in operational, IT, and financial auditing, as well as SOX compliance. Connect with Scott on LinkedIn.