How Estee Lauder Boosted Audit Team Morale and Value

How Estee Lauder Boosted Audit Team Morale and Value

In our Spotlight on Success series, Sarah Halliday, Manager of Operational Excellence for Internal Audit at Estée Lauder Companies, shares how her team advanced collaboration and visibility with a single source of truth in AuditBoard’s connected risk platform. Hear how Estée Lauder’s internal audit team implemented AuditBoard quickly to achieve significant benefits, including:

  • Time savings on communications from centralizing all data in AuditBoard.
  • Boosting team morale from using cutting-edge technology with an intuitive user experience.
  • Providing more value-add insight to improve audit team operations and give the business visibility into risk. 
Sarah Halliday of Estée Lauder Companies shares how her team implemented AuditBoard to streamline communications, boost morale, and provide value-add insights to the business.

How did you make the decision to switch to AuditBoard from TeamMate, your previous audit management solution?

“We were using prior audit software that was limiting us as a team. We were not able to have the level of communication that we were hoping for. We were stuck with something that served as a document repository versus a tool that we could leverage for both our audit documentation as well as reporting.”

Tell us about your implementation experience. How quickly could you get up and running with AuditBoard?

“As we were reaching out and talking to different audit software providers, our team really loved how AuditBoard spoke about the implementation process — they made it very clear they could get implementation done quickly. We were on the move. I’m sure every audit department feels the same way, you don’t want to waste time on an implementation. That was really key to us.” 

“The AuditBoard team was super helpful throughout the whole implementation process. We were able to import our previous projects. Any issues that we wanted to follow up on, they were able to get all of that quickly set up and customized for us to fit exactly what we were looking for. We didn’t have much time between signing the contract and actually implementing and being able to use the audit software.” 

How has AuditBoard’s centralized platform helped your team communicate more effectively?

“Something that we have saved a lot of time on is communications. Since we’re a global team, we previously had to spend a lot of time working through meetings or emails, trying to follow up on things. Now it’s all in one place, and we don’t have to have all of those extra communications. We can go to the one source and get the information that we need.”

How has your team leveraged AuditBoard’s connected risk platform to provide value-add insights to internal audit and the business?

“In the two years since we’ve implemented AuditBoard, I think we’ve really seen not only team morale improve, but also our work improve to provide more value to the business by sharing the insights from our audits from an issue perspective, and feedback on our audit reports from our engagement satisfaction survey. We’re able to provide insight not only internally for our team to improve, but to the company at large to see where different risks could be addressed or the root causes for our issues. We’re able to leverage the dashboards to share with the business, share internally, and see our team make improvements.”