Latest AuditBoard Innovations Accelerate Impact With Greater Efficiency

Latest AuditBoard Innovations Accelerate Impact With Greater Efficiency

Each quarter, we highlight key capabilities released by AuditBoard. We’ve collected a summary of key features released in Q4 2023, with the opportunity to learn more about additional product releases in the AuditBoard Help Center.

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​​​​​Introducing AuditBoard Analytics

AuditBoard Analytics is a no-code analytics solution that empowers teams with practical, purpose-built, OOTB workflows to automate anomaly detection, control testing, and continuous monitoring for audit and SOX use cases, like identifying duplicate journal entries, potential fictitious vendors, or access to financially significant applications for termed employees. With AuditBoard Analytics, teams can drive efficiencies, increase coverage and audit precision, and improve decision making, all part of our connected risk platform. Click here to learn more

Introducing Operational Risk Management in RiskOversight

Scale risk management to the front line and strengthen business resilience with new operational risk management (ORM) capabilities in RiskOversight! With ORM, users can benefit from all RiskOversight capabilities plus enhanced Risk & Control Self Assessment functionality to easily identify control weaknesses related to operational risks, Risk Event Tracking to quantify operational losses and make it easier to determine impact and prioritize risk mitigation activities, and enhanced Risk Controls Management to centralize controls specific to operational risks for simpler tracking and review. Click here to learn more

Surface and Manage More Risk

OpsAudit customers who also subscribe to RiskOversight can now bring the power of Entity Risk functionality into OpsAudit to create entity risks, perform entity risk assessments, and view results in Audit Planning to better understand coverage priorities when creating the audit plan. Audit Scoping functionality is now also available in OpsAudit, which enables teams to scope audits using integrated entity, risk, and control data from across the platform. Questionnaire functionality has also been enhanced in TPRM to allow multiple questionnaire types and risk scores to be created, which will automatically appear on the vendor/product page. This enhancement expands TPRM capabilities to other use cases beyond cyber risk. Click here to learn more. 

Work Smarter With Greater Impact

In RiskOversight, users can now set up automated email notifications to alert relevant teams when new Risk Intake forms are submitted. In TPRM, Issue Management capabilities have been enhanced to make it easier to determine the total number of failures and questions with failed responses in a questionnaire. As action plans are created, users can also assign third-party contacts as remediation owners to streamline the remediation process and reduce third party risk. Click here to learn more

Other Product Updates

  • Learn about all major capabilities launching this quarter by reading the latest edition of the AuditBoard Advisor in the Help Center.
  • Interested in seeing these features in action? Join Community Office Hours on Wednesday, November 8 at 9 AM PT for live demos of select features and to ask questions.
  • Prove your expertise and become a certified SOXHUB Admin! SOXHUB Admins who pass the exam by November 17, 2023 will receive a special gift from the AuditBoard team. Register today!