67% of audit, risk, and compliance professionals believe that lack of awareness is the biggest challenge to starting or maturing their ERM program, according to AuditBoard’s 2021 ERM Challenges and Opportunities Survey. 

Today’s risk professionals are at an important juncture. Rather than remain in a stance of protective paralysis, now is the time to digitize and build enterprise risk maturity — which has been linked with better stock price performance, higher market valuation, and greater organizational resilience.

The report on the survey findings, The State of Risk Management: A Tipping Point for Digitization, collects key insights across corporate risk-related research and primary research conducted by AuditBoard about risk management practices today, including:

  • The top risk management challenges for 2021 and 2030.
  • Benefits of investing in digital risk management capabilities now.
  • Best practices to improve overall ERM program maturity and organizational resiliency. 
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The State of Risk Management: A Tipping Point for Digitization