How EverCommerce Developed a Proactive Risk Culture

How EverCommerce Developed a Proactive Risk Culture

In the latest installment of our Spotlight on Success series, Molly Hepburn (Vice President, Internal Controls) and Nathan Holmes (Manager, Internal Controls) share how they leveraged AuditBoard’s connected risk platform to create a proactive culture around risk. EverCommerce provides software that empowers the service economy with a focus on small- and medium-sized businesses.

Hear how EverCommerce built a proper control structure from the ground up with AuditBoard, including: 

  • Leveraging AuditBoard’s connected risk platform to ensure stakeholders knew what controls they had and how to manage those controls and risks
  • Seamlessly implementing new solutions to develop a full view of what happens within the enterprise and establish objectives
  • Creating a proactive culture around risk where all stakeholders understand the risk impact of their activities
Molly Hepburn and Nathan Holmes share how EverCommerce has leveraged AuditBoard’s connected risk software to create a proactive culture around risk.

When did you start using AuditBoard’s connected risk platform?

Molly Hepburn (Vice President, Internal Controls): “When EverCommerce went public, we needed a solid tool to create a proper control structure. We had to ensure that stakeholders knew what our controls are and how to manage them. Since we started with AuditBoard when we went public, we’ve really been able to use it to build from the ground up.”

How has AuditBoard impacted your relationship with stakeholders?

Nathan Holmes (Manager, Internal Controls):  “I’d been exposed to several other GRC solutions in the past, but none as powerful as AuditBoard. Understanding all that it could do and how we could use it at EverCommerce was critically important. We’ve finally gotten stakeholders’ attention. Now, they are far more engaged than they were two years ago. They’re proactively reaching out before they do things within the business to understand how it will impact audit and how it will impact controls.”

What are you excited about for the future of partnering with AuditBoard?

Molly Hepburn, Vice President, Internal Controls: “We’ve really seen the partnership between AuditBoard and EverCommerce start to blossom. The idea of risk is something that really brought me to EverCommerce in the first place. One of the great things in my role – and what AuditBoard allows us to do – is to look at EverCommerce’s overall risk and piece everything together.”

Nathan Holmes (Manager, Internal Controls): “In the next few years, as we roll out RiskOversight, we’ll be in a much better place. By using SOXHub, OpsAudit, and RiskOversight, we can connect all of those different pieces. My vision is to give EverCommerce the ability to understand risk, establish objectives, identify what is holding us back from realizing those objectives and develop a full view of what is happening within the enterprise.