Watch how Cornerstone OnDemand’s internal audit team leverages technology to collaborate across the business, get a complete view of their audit programs, and unleash the full potential of audit! 

The audit team at Cornerstone OnDemand knows quality software when they see it — after all, Cornerstone is a cloud-based talent management service provider known for making software around every aspect of the employee experience to help people and companies reach their fullest potential. John Concillo, Controls and Compliance Senior Associate at Cornerstone OnDemand, is part of a 5-person team that handles SOX testing as well as projects ranging from FCPA audits and T&E reviews to consulting on implementation projects for new in-scope systems. But Concillo needed a technology solution that did for audit what Cornerstone’s software did for people management: helping auditors make their best work even better by automating tedious tasks, collaborating across the business, and getting full visibility into their audit programs. 

John Concillo of Cornerstone shares how internal audit leverages technology to collaborate across the business, get a complete view of their audit programs, and unleash the full potential of audit.


One key to the Cornerstone OnDemand audit team’s success is facilitating effective collaboration by leveraging AuditBoard’s unlimited users to bring all audit stakeholders together on one centralized platform. Concillo’s team has used AuditBoard to implement a seamless control certification process that empowers control owners to take ownership over their information. “My team really enjoys the WorkStream module. We put the power back into the control owners’ hands — we have them certify controls, update narratives, update flowcharts,” says Concillo. AuditBoard also helped the team eliminate back-and-forth emails with team communication features such as directing review comments via the @mention feature. “One aspect that I love is the tagging feature. If I have a question for my manager, I can just tag her. She’ll get a notification in AuditBoard and also an email notification,” says Concillo.

Cornerstone OnDemand keeps their SOX documentation accurate, consistent, and accessible in just a few clicks with AuditBoard’s centralized database and single control page layout. “What’s really great about AuditBoard is you can see everything from a dashboard level. You can see what controls are still open, what controls are finished, and what processes are finished,” says Concillo. The ability to view their annual audit plan on a single page and drill into audits from a bird’s eye view down to the details visibility means Concillo can effortlessly view and report in real time on audit status and findings. 

“What made us choose AuditBoard was that the company hires former auditors,” says Concillo. “They help explain best practices for managing the SOX audit process. For me personally, I think the customer experience is great.” Ultimately, for Concillo, what sets AuditBoard apart is that it’s designed, implemented, and supported by auditors who have lived through the same pain points and understand how to help solve the most complex audit management challenges.

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