Audit Automation & Workflows

Process Owners can now work seamlessly with auditors to gain visibility into Controls, Certifications and PBC Evidence Requests.

“I think WorkStream is just wonderful - it really did decrease the amount of work we spent at year end and allowed us efficiencies in managing our work.”

Tammy Kelly

Tammy Kelly, Primerica

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Working with Process Owners just got a whole lot easier. Accounting, Finance & IT can finally work with auditors in a simple way.

  • Manage Requests in One Place
    Manage Requests in One Place

    Create, send, and manage PBC requests and certification requests. Monitor PBC status and certification progress with real-time dashboards.

  • Centralize Communication
    Centralize Communication

    Eliminate back-and-forth emails for PBC requests, send Preparers and Reviewers automated notifications, and keep track of comment and sign off activity in the Activity Log.

  • Keep Process Owners On Track
    Keep Process Owners On Track

    Automated email notifications keep process owners on track, while dashboards reflect real-time certification progress.

PBC Management

PBC Management

Create and send all your PBC requests in minutes with forms
that pre-populate control data. Manage PBC requests and
evidence and eliminate back-and-forth emails by
communicating directly in the tool.

Get real-time PBC status with dashboards and see where to
reallocate resources.

PBC Management
Certifications and Surveys

Certifications and Surveys

Create and send your certification requests with just one click, and propose and accept changes directly in requests. Build certification web forms with custom input types.

Track certification progress with real-time dashboards and automated email reminders to keep process owners on track.

Certifications and Surveys

Request a free demo today - Learn how WorkStream can help you save time so that you can focus on more value-added activities.

Complete Audit Trails

Complete Audit Trails

All approvals are tracked through the automated workflow
and audit trails. See who signed off and when in your Activity
Log. Send Preparers and Reviewers automated notifications
as due dates near.

Complete Audit Trails
Management Review Control (MRC)

Management Review Control (MRC)

Build industry standard controls with our best practice, external auditor-
approved control libraries. Access thousands of pre-populated controls
for your industry in a single, searchable repository. Standardize MRC
desktop procedures and easily collect and store evidence.

Monitor progress and open tasks with real-time dashboards so you can
identify issues before the audit.

Management Review Control (MRC)
User Access Review

User Access Review

Standardize and centralize requests in one place with our Single Page
UAR review and guided certification web forms. Track UAR review
progress with real-time dashboards and send automated email
reminders to keep Supervisors on track.

Launch UAR requests pre-populated with user listings pulled from pulled
from ERP Maestro, providing a seamless integration of SAP users to
kick off the approval workflow. Comment, propose, and accept changes
directly in the tool, eliminating back-and-forth email communication.

User Access Review

AuditBoard Platform

AuditBoard offers a fully integrated platform for SOX, operational audits, IT compliance, and ERM, all united by a powerful, intuitive workflow.

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Happier Together

The AuditBoard platform is seamlessly integrated to empower your team to
work smart -- and audit happy.

One user-friendly interface, one audit and risk universe for SOX,
operational audits, and enterprise risk management, united by the most
powerful, intuitive workflow.

Our tools are powerful alone, but you’ll be even happier when you use
them together.

Internal Controls

SOXHUB - SOX Management

Automate your entire SOX program from process owners to board members in one intuitive, easy-to-use platform.

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IT Compliance

Compliance Control

Manage all compliance activities in one central tool: HIPAA, NIST, ISO, HITRUST, PCI, FINRA, SOC.

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Risk Management

ERM Oversight

Identify, prioritize and plan for risk with our flexible, user-friendly enterprise risk management platform.

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