Has your organization looked into creating an efficient and scalable program for achieving compliance and security certifications? Download our guide, How to Successfully Prepare for Security and Compliance Certifications, to learn key steps to start or elevate a program for obtaining a certificate of compliance.

Develop Trust by Obtaining a Compliance or Security Certification

Obtaining a compliance or security certification is a way for businesses to develop trust with customers and formally demonstrate compliance with a security framework or a regulatory mandate. While it is easy to view compliance as a necessary evil, achieving a certificate of compliance can be critical to driving business forward as well as avoiding penalties, fines, and reputational risk associated with negligence.  

For organizations that have identified a valid business need or regulatory mandate that requires a security certification or compliance certification, it may be challenging to understand where and how to begin.

This guide, How to Successfully Prepare for Security and Compliance Certifications, breaks down steps to approach compliance holistically and create a sustainable foundation for achieving security and compliance certifications, including:

  • Selecting a Framework to Meet Certification Requirements: Common information security (InfoSec) and compliance requirements and frameworks such as NIST, SOC 2, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and more. 
  • Checklist for Preparing for Security and Compliance Certifications: A step-by-step breakdown to establish a compliance program from the ground up and achieve a certificate of compliance or security.
  • Leveraging Technology to Streamline the Path to Certification: Ways to use technology to create an efficient and scalable compliance program.

Download the guide below to develop a strong foundation for your compliance program to mitigate against key risks while driving business growth.

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How to Successfully Prepare for Security and Compliance Certifications