How Tennant Connects ERM, SOX, and Internal Audit with AuditBoard

How Tennant Connects ERM, SOX, and Internal Audit with AuditBoard

In our Spotlight on Success series, Timothy Burke, Senior Compliance and SOX Manager at Tennant Company, shares how AuditBoard has enabled his global team to keep pace with a growing business by gaining efficiencies across the team, getting real-time visibility into status, and achieving a single source of truth for all ERM, SOX, and Internal Audit programs. 

Tennant’s Timothy Burke shares how his global team stays connected and up to date with AuditBoard’s flexible, integrated platform.

Tell us a bit about what your role encompasses at Tennant Company.

“I’m a Senior Manager here at Tennant Company. I’ve been at Tennant for three and a half years. I have global responsibility for Enterprise Risk Management, Internal Audit, and SOX Compliance.”

What made you decide to seek out a technology solution to centralize your ERM, SOX, and Internal Audit programs?

“The first year that I spent at Tennant, it was hard to understand where we were at, at any given point in time. As I was communicating to our senior leadership team on status and updates regarding our process and our program, it became very apparent that it was difficult to actually provide relevant data.”

What are the key benefits you’ve seen from AuditBoard?

“As I was looking for potential solutions, I knew I wanted it to be simple, I wanted it to be flexible, and I wanted it to be customizable. We’ve been very, very happy with AuditBoard and the solution that it brings to our team. It gave us the confidence, the flexibility, and the sheer storage as the central repository of all of our information to help us navigate our complex business.”

How has AuditBoard empowered your team to keep pace with the growing business?

“As we continue to evolve, and we expand our business, we know we’re going to need a tool that helps facilitate our work — AuditBoard allows us that opportunity as a collective team.”

“We’re starting to really understand the true value and the true benefits. I would expect that we still haven’t hit our full stride, and we’re still continuing to see efficiencies and budget gains as we look at the program across the world.”