Slack Integration with AuditBoard

With AuditBoard for Slack, you can stay in the loop with instant notifications for new assignments, status changes requiring your attention, and comments that you’re tagged in. 

Slack integration with AuditBoard

Send a Warm Welcome
to New Users

Once you create a new user, they receive a welcome email. Now they’ll get a slack message too!

Welcome New Users

See New Assignments
In Real-time

Keep your team agile. Once you have been assigned as a tester or reviewer on a control, you’ll get a slack notification. 

Stay in the Loop

Receive Notifications When Workflow Gets Kicked Off 

You’ll get a notification for any workflow change that requires your attention for next steps, such as review and rework.

Receive Notifications

Stay In The Loop When You Get Mentioned In Comments

Collaborating in AuditBoard is easy with @ mentions. Whether you are leaving review comments or communicating with external stakeholders, any time you direct a comment to a user they will instantly receive a Slack notification.

Task Assignments in Real-Time