Get ahead of threats and vulnerabilities that could impact your organization.

Don't allow your assets to be vulnerable. Manage the risks related to your organization's IT functions.

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One guy can get the risk listing set up and administer that test to many folks in the organization. All those results are populated automatically in AuditBoard, the heat map is generated, and we can present to our executives directly in the software.
Gary Brendle
Gary Brendle
Director of Risk Oversight and Audit Operations
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Gary Brendle

Create an Asset Inventory

Identify, assess, and manage IT assets in one location. Link risks and controls across assets, laying the foundation for different IT audits across your organization.

Simplify Risk Assessments

Streamline the IT risk assessment process with standardized risk templates. Dynamically score and rank risks to gain insight into their severity and understand the likelihood of potential threats.

Collaborate With Stakeholders

Simplify stakeholder communication and collaboration by easily deploying surveys, including pre- and post-audit surveys, and automating evidence collection. Maintain an audit trail of activity between auditors and your stakeholders in a central location.

Manage Your Mitigation Plans

Drive mitigation efforts by creating and assigning action plans with a single click. Use built-in workflows to automate reminders to action plan owners, ensuring issue remediation. Gain enhanced confidence in the achievement of strategic objectives and improved compliance with legal, regulatory, and reporting requirements.

The Modern Connected Risk Platform

Elevate your audit, risk, sustainability, and compliance teams with the intelligent, collaborative, connected risk management platform.

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Streamline ESG program management and ensure data is audit-ready.

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Break silos and scale third-party risk management to meet business needs.

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Understand your threat landscape, quantify risks, and improve cyber resilience.

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Manage cross-framework compliance, including SOC, ISO, NIST, PCI, and more.

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Integrate and elevate your risk management programs.

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