Elevate SOX compliance awareness and accountability.

SOX compliance hours continue to rise. Don't find yourself struggling to accurately and timely complete SOX testing — leading to increased deficiencies.

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One of the ways that AuditBoard really helped our team and the process is literally by empowering the control owners.
Kranti Parvate
Kranti Parvate
Senior Auditor
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Kranti Parvate

Get Ahead of Risk

Focus your SOX efforts on the risks that matter most. Map financial accounts to entities and processes, then easily assess materiality and other qualitative factors. Use the information gained to seamlessly scope and plan your SOX program.

Centralize Your Control Environment

Increase control reliance throughout the organization with a single source of truth for your SOX controls, requests, and issues. Quickly identify and address potential gaps as you design your control environment, and gain real-time visibility into control performance and deficiencies.

Streamline Control Testing

Cut down on administrative work needed for control testing. Complete all aspects of testing in the platform, ensuring version control and eliminating duplicative efforts. Map supporting evidence to your controls and link it to your test work, keeping everything in one place.

Easily Manage Control Ownership and Certifications

Keep control ownership with the business with clearly defined control owners. Customizable permissions and role-based dashboards ensure stakeholders see only the information most relevant to them. Automate requests and reminders to stakeholders to complete their SOX responsibilities.

The Modern Connected Risk Platform

Elevate your audit, risk, sustainability, and compliance teams with the intelligent, collaborative, connected risk management platform.

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