Amanda Pope of InComm Payments Cultivates Relationships of Trust With the Business

Join Richard Chambers for a new episode of his Agents of Change video series, featuring conversations with internal audit leaders from some of the world’s most prominent organizations about innovation in the profession.

In this episode, Richard sits down with Amanda Pope, SVP, Audit and Risk of InComm Payments, to discuss how she’s earned her meaningful seat at the table by investing in relationships with the business and demonstrating the value internal audit can bring, including:

  • Playing the long game — change doesn’t need to be immediate to be transformational for the business.
  • Knowing her team — prioritizing retaining team members who understand the business and our methodology over forcing a return to the office.
  • Seizing opportunities — increased scrutiny on vendors and data providers provides an opportunity for internal audit to step up to help streamline assurance functions.

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