Cynthia Cooper Reflects on WorldCom and the Power of Choice

Join Richard Chambers for a new episode of his Agents of Change video series, featuring conversations with internal audit leaders from some of the world’s most prominent organizations about innovation in the profession.

In the first of a two episode arc, Richard sits down with Cynthia Cooper — CEO of Cooper Group, LLC and one of Time Magazine’s persons of the year for her role in unraveling and reporting what would become the largest corporate fraud in history at WorldCom. In this episode, Richard and Cynthia discuss their experiences and the larger legacy of the WorldCom scandal, including:

  • What WorldCom has taught us about the power of choice and the importance of a transparent, ethical culture.

  • How to find your courage when faced with the situations that are part of every auditor’s career.

  • Why empathy — even with those who have committed fraud — is a crucial skill that makes for better auditors.

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