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How Amsted Industries Cut Hundreds of Hours From Its SOX Process

In our Spotlight on Success series, Janet Joy, Executive Director and Head of Internal Audit at Amsted Industries, and Tom Osmolak, Senior Internal Auditor at Amsted Industries, share how their team leverages real-time visibility to streamline their communication with the business and deliver valuable data and insight. On Forbes’s 2021 list of the largest private companies, Amsted is a diversified manufacturer of industrial components serving the railroad, vehicular, construction, and building markets. Hear how this Chicago-headquartered team sees AuditBoard as a partner respected in the industry, as well as how the team:

  • Selected AuditBoard’s SOXHUB and OpsAudit solutions because they were easy to use for internal audit, new members in their rotational program, and stakeholders across the business

  • Saved hundreds of hours on the SOX rollover process due to time savings from configurability.

  • Streamlined communication and visibility for multiple stakeholders.

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