How Audit, Risk, and Compliance at MDA Gain Cross-Organizational Visibility

In our Spotlight on Success series, MDA’s Scott Page (Director, Internal Audit), Melissa Cass (Director, Business Operations), and Uriah McCann (Director, Cybersecurity) share their gains in efficiency, visibility, and collaboration from centralizing audit, risk, and compliance activities and documentation in AuditBoard’s connected risk platform. Headquartered in Brampton, Ontario, MDA is an international space mission partner and a robotics, satellite systems, and geointelligence pioneer leading the charge towards viable Moon colonies, enhanced Earth observation, and more. Hear how the heads of audit, business operations, and compliance at MDA are leveraging AuditBoard’s platform to “work as one MDA,” including:

  • Leveraging AuditBoard’s CrossComply, SOXHUB, OpsAudit, and RiskOversight, solutions together to centralize all risk and controls information in a single source of truth.

  • Reducing stakeholder fatigue by collecting information once and leveraging it across multiple controls and frameworks.

  • Eliminating silos to gain visibility into risk and controls across the business.

  • Improving efficiency by 25% on internal audit processes within months of implementing the platform.

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