How Darling Ingredients Seamlessly Collaborates Across SOX, Audit, & Compliance Teams

In our Spotlight on Success series, Stephen Weintraub, Director of Global IT Audit at Darling Ingredients, discusses how AuditBoard helped facilitate effective cross-departmental collaboration and team-wide communications as their company grew. Founded in the 1800s, Darling Ingredients began as “the original recycler,” collecting and reusing material from food processing plants and restaurants. Today, the global rendering company has grown through acquisitions to encompass over 200 processing plants around the world. Hear how Global IT Audit at Darling Ingredients achieved workflow improvements during a time of team expansion, including:

  • Using AuditBoard’s CrossComply, OpsAudit, and SOXHUB modules to create cross-departmental efficiencies.

  • Leveraging administrator capabilities to configure the platform to fit changing needs as the company grew.

  • Maintaining continuity across a global team by centralizing information in a single source of truth.

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