How Ruiz Foods’s CAE and Co-Source Partner RSM Collaborate Effectively Using AuditBoard

In our Spotlight on Success series, Andrew Ganey, CAE of Ruiz Foods, and co-source partner Dan Riebesell, Risk Consulting Director at RSM, share how their geographically distributed team leverages AuditBoard’s connected risk platform to collaborate seamlessly while keeping ahead of risk. Founded in 1964, Ruiz Foods is the family-owned company behind America’s top frozen Mexican food brand, El Monterey. Hear how Ganey and his RSM co-sourced team are partnering to drive significant value for the business by:

  • Leveraging AuditBoard’s OpsAudit and RiskOversight solutions together to streamline collaboration across a co-sourced team.

  • Incorporating RSM’s subject matter expertise across supply chain, cybersecurity, third-party risk management, and more to build a strong internal audit program.

  • Staying ahead of a changing risk environment to ensure that this family-owned company has a strong foundation for continued growth across the next generations.

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