Most Popular Webinars of 2022: Compliance Edition

Most Popular Webinars of 2022: Compliance Edition

With increased regulatory scrutiny on cybersecurity, third-party exposure, and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), compliance risk was a major concern for organizations in the past year. AuditBoard’s Webinar Series provided timely guidance that the participants could enact immediately as they look to meet the compliance requirements and use this as an opportunity to add value to their organizations. 

In 2022, AuditBoard hosted 40 audit, risk, and compliance webinars that attracted over 40,000 attendees. The outstanding speakers for AuditBoard’s webinars covered emerging risk topics impacting organizations like auditing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) programs, cybersecurity, inflation, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). They also educated attendees on everything from macro-level risk trends to specific key risk indicators that drive business decisions. As a bonus, we were able to grant over 33,000 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits to support a variety of assurance certifications. In this article, we share trends from the webinars we hosted in 2022, and we share how you can access our most popular webinars of the year, which are now available to watch on demand.

2022 Compliance Webinar Trends

The most popular compliance webinars followed three trending topics: cybersecurity, third-party risk management, and ESG. Cybersecurity was the top trending webinar subject with webinars focused on implementing best practices, prepping for the SEC’s proposed rules, building relationships between Internal Audit and Cybersecurity teams, and adopting new approaches in the current environment.

The next topic that attracted the attention of attendees was third-party risk management (TPRM). In response to volatility in global supply chains and risk exposure presented by partnerships with other organizations, people were drawn to discussions on upcoming TPRM trends and strategic approaches to managing third-party risks

Another topic that many found helpful covered compliance with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting requirements. As the SEC and other standard setters pass rules related to ESG reporting, many organizations proactively seek guidance to understand what is expected so they can implement controls. The speaker presented ways companies can “future-proof” their ESG reporting to prepare for expected regulatory reporting requirements. 

Throughout the compliance webinars, the presenters addressed current and proposed regulations that organizations will face in the coming year. The presentations offered solutions that compliance leaders can take back to their teams for consideration. One of the strategies presented included leveraging the “compliance as code” approach for managing compliance to multiple frameworks simultaneously. Given the time-sensitive nature of compliance management, you should not miss the valuable lessons offered in these webinars.

AuditBoard’s Most Popular Compliance Webinars of 2022

To get you started as you explore the many topics available as on-demand webinars, here are the most popular compliance sessions from 2022, in no particular order. 

  1. Taking a Strategic Approach to Your Third-Party Risk Management Program — Do you know who has access to your organization’s data? Richard Marcus and John Volles examine the rise in third-party threats and share best practices for building a strategic, technology-enabled third-party risk management program.
    • Attendee Feedback: “Very relevant topic with concise presentation and complete content! I felt like I learned several new things that I can apply related to TPRM.”
  2. Department of Labor’s Guidance on Cybersecurity Best Practices — Retirement plans are a major target for cybercriminals. Jon Powell and Candace Jackson of Moore Colson break down the latest cybersecurity guidance from the Department of Labor related to employee benefit plans and share strategies for implementation.
    • Attendee Feedback: “Outstanding and very worthwhile presentation on cyber covering all aspects – from definitions, to implementation, to assessment, etc. Those with whom I work could really utilize this info. Thanks so much!”
  3. Preparing for the SEC Cybersecurity Disclosure Proposed Rules — Richard Marcus, Head of Information Security for AuditBoard, helps you get up to speed on the new SEC cybersecurity disclosures and share how forward-thinking connected risk teams are assessing readiness and preparing to meet the new requirements.
    • Attendee Feedback: “Excellent presentation about the SEC proposed rules. Thank you for addressing this topic timely and for sharing your insights!” This was the most in depth ESG training I have had the opportunity to attend. Thank you for thorough review.”
  4. How Energy Can Build Trust and Value Through ESG Reporting — ESG regulatory requirements are fast approaching for the energy sector. Prepare now by learning how to “future-proof” your ESG reporting with Greg Englert, an ESG advisory specialist from Weaver.
    • Attendee Feedback: “Very knowledgeable presenter and excellent speaker. This was the most in-depth ESG training I have had the opportunity to attend. Thank you for a thorough review.”
  5. Trends in Third-Party Risk Management: How to Stay Ahead of the Curve for 2023 — Learn how your organization can prepare for third-party risk management (TPRM) changes ahead based on our lessons learned from the last year. Amy Black and Oliver Snavely from RSM US LLP discuss TPRM trends on the horizon and what is predicted for 2023. 
    • Attendee Feedback: “Presenters did an excellent job in keeping us abreast of the current environment as it pertains to third-party risk management. One hour is not enough for such an interesting topic!”
  6. Managing Multiple Frameworks Through Common Controls and Compliance as Code— Juggling compliance with multiple frameworks can be challenging. Dorian Cougias, co-founder of Unified Compliance Framework (UCF), and AuditBoard’s Richard Marcus share how to use technology to keep pace with evolving compliance needs. 
    • Attendee Feedback: “Very relevant, interesting, and current information regarding the frameworks and tools for audit compliance management delivered very well!”
  7. How Cybersecurity and Internal Audit Can Partner to Navigate the Age of Digital Risk — Learn how internal audit and cybersecurity teams can collaborate to deliver powerful ERM results. Susan Ulrey and Eric Chan of MorganFranklin Consulting will discuss how these functions can utilize their respective capabilities to be a true risk management asset.
    • Attendee Feedback: “Would like webinars more like this please! I’m a CPA CISM and have worked in both Internal Audit & Cyber Security. The tighter the 2 groups can work together the better for the organization as a whole!”
  8. Managing Security in the Digital Age – AuditBoard’s 2022 Security Trends Report — Traditional InfoSec has historically been disconnected from the greater organization, which may pose challenges for keeping up in today’s hyper-digital environment. AuditBoard’s John Wheeler discusses the security trends driving new approaches.
    • Attendee Feedback: “Very informative and excellent speaker! The webinar was very educational and relevant to day-to-day businesses.”
The InfoSec Survival Guide: Achieving Continuous Compliance

Stay Up to Date With Thought Leadership in the Year Ahead

AuditBoard’s on-demand webinars contain a wealth of information that will enhance your skill set and prepare your compliance management team for the year ahead. As we start the new year, the current regulations, proposed rules, and strategies covered in these webinars will continue to play an important role in compliance management. Now is the perfect time to revisit the expert guidance provided in these on-demand webinars above and register to earn free CPE credits in AuditBoard’s 2023 Webinar Series