Managing Multiple Frameworks Through Common Controls and Compliance as Code

Richard Marcus
Richard Marcus AuditBoard
Dorian Cougias
Dorian Cougias Unified Compliance Framework

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Richard Marcus is the VP of Information Security at AuditBoard, where he leads product, infrastructure, and corporate IT security functions as well as AuditBoard’s own internal risk and compliance initiatives. In this capacity, he has become an AuditBoard product power user, leveraging the platform’s robust feature set to help achieve SOC 2, GDPR, ISO 27001 compliance, and many other GRC initiatives. In his spare time, he enjoys exchanging insights with his information security leader peers in the AuditBoard Community and participating in the AuditBoard product development process. Prior to joining AuditBoard, Richard led global GRC at Verizon Media and Security Operations at EdgeCast Networks.

Dorian Cougias is co-founder of Unified Compliance and the primary architect of the Unified Compliance Framework® and its SaaS portal, the UCF Common Controls Hub®, as well as UCF Mapper®. An award-winning speaker and well-respected author of twelve books and two certification programs, Cougias has extensive knowledge in all areas of information technology. Dorian serves as an adviser or working group member to the Payment Card Industry Council, Financial Technology Forum, and other industry organizations. He has also served as an Adjunct Professor of Technology, lecturing and serving on the board of advisers for the University of Delaware College of Human Services, Education, and Public Policy.


This session will cover how to use compliance as code to achieve common controls across multiple frameworks in complex environments. Join Dorian Cougias, co-founder of Unified Compliance Framework (UCF), and Richard Marcus, AuditBoard’s Head of Information Security, to gain insight into the technology-enabled approaches that forward-thinking compliance professionals are using to keep pace with the rapidly evolving compliance landscape. Participants will learn how to reimagine their processes and leverage UCF and AuditBoard to establish compliance as code and aggregate, harmonize, and automate compliance activities.

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