Taking a Strategic Approach to Your Third-Party Risk Management Program

Richard Marcus
Richard Marcus AuditBoard
John Volles
John Volles AuditBoard

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Richard Marcus leads the Information Security Team at AuditBoard where he is focused on product, infrastructure, and corporate IT security. He is also responsible for leading the charge on AuditBoard’s own internal compliance initiatives. In this capacity, he has become an AuditBoard product power user, leveraging the platform’s robust feature set to satisfy compliance, risk assessment, and audit use cases.

John Volles is a Director of Information Security Compliance responsible for overseeing AuditBoard’s compliance, risk, and privacy obligations as well as helping customers understand AuditBoard’s security posture and position. John joined AuditBoard from EY, where he reviewed and implemented client compliance programs and supporting technologies.


Who has access to your company’s data and what risks do they pose to your organization? While these questions seem basic, most organizations cannot confidently answer them, despite an accelerating trend of third-party threats and incidents. Building a robust third-party risk program is complex and takes time. Building a program that allows information security teams to be strategic in managing third-party risks is even more challenging. During this session, AuditBoard’s Information Security team will guide you through how they successfully transitioned to a strategic and technology-enabled third-party risk program to manage this emerging source of risk.

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