In today’s increasingly digitized, remote-savvy business world, effectively identifying and managing IT risk has never been more crucial for protecting and achieving organizational objectives. Yet, there is a wide gulf between businesses with advanced, continuous IT risk monitoring programs and those that struggle to effectively assess and manage their key IT risks. One of the best places to begin is by applying an integrated approach to IT governance, risk, and compliance.

This research report, 3 Fundamentals of Integrated IT Risk Management, examines results from AuditBoard’s 2021 IT Risk Survey, as well as discusses the foundations of an integrated IT risk management approach. In this report you’ll learn:

  1. Three foundational concepts of integrated risk management.
  2. Best practices for formally aligning efforts across risk groups.
  3. How to begin building agile and continuous processes into your IT risk program.
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3 Fundamentals of Integrated IT Risk Management