Threat Intelligence: Eyes on the Enemy

Threat Intelligence: Eyes on the Enemy

Threat intelligence is the gold standard for 21st-century cybersecurity. However, today’s IT teams are overwhelmed by phishing scams, social engineering hacks, failures in managing third-party risks, and more.

Organizations must adapt to this new climate – either by automating threat detection and data collection, investing in a threat intelligence vendor, providing more training, or finding more efficient means to integrate threat intelligence tools and data across the enterprise. 

New research from CyberRisk Alliance and sponsored by AuditBoard, Threat Intelligence: Eyes on the Enemy examines critical steps for all organizations to equip themselves to handle the next generation of threats. 

Download the full report for actionable insights on:

  • How cybersecurity pros are updating their playbooks to deal with new threats, including the challenges they face when it comes to integrating various security products and data feeds.
  • The importance of automated threat intelligence that can anticipate and take immediate action on threats, with a focus on indispensable features for any threat intelligence program.
  • How threat intelligence helps inform proactive policies while updating threat models, in order to raise awareness of vulnerabilities and blind spots that require attention. 

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Threat Intelligence: Eyes on the Enemy

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