Ctrl+Alt+Audit: Breaking the Mold With Automation

John Yui
John Yui CrossCountry Consulting
Daniel Green
Daniel Green CrossCountry Consulting
Shivan Bindal
Shivan Bindal AuditBoard

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John Yui is a process, risk, and controls expert specializing in developing and implementing risk strategies that support business and financial objectives in complex environments. John has over 13 years of experience including risk strategy, finance, audit, and compliance services across multiple industries (financial services, tech, life sciences, and consumer products).

Daniel Green is a practice leader in data and automation advising clients on strategic automation and data solutions to deliver value and insight to meet organizational goals. Daniel’s 15+ years of experience includes financial statement audits, operational accounting, fund accounting services, system implementation and process optimization across financial services, asset management, SaaS, education, healthcare, and media.

Shivan Bindal is head of enterprise platform at AuditBoard where he helps customers leverage the power of AuditBoard’s modern platform within their ecosystem. Shivan has spent the prior 2 years working in the product management group building integrations that enhance connectivity and communication between audit, compliance and risk teams and their corresponding stakeholders.


Join our webinar, Ctrl+Alt+Audit: Breaking the Mold with Automation, focused on leveraging innovative automation capabilities to enhance internal audit practices. In this session, we aim to illuminate the path to modernize internal audits through the fusion of automation and data analytics. After defining intelligent automation, offering insights into how it can reshape conventional audit processes, we’ll delve into the strategic reasons why automation is a necessity for businesses seeking to optimize resources, mitigate risks, and accelerate growth. To bring it all together we’ll feature a compelling use case, illustrating how automation seamlessly integrates with internal control testing, elevating audit efficiency and precision. You’ll learn essential strategies for seamlessly operationalizing intelligent automation within your organization’s audit framework. Don’t miss this opportunity to transcend traditional audit methodologies and embrace a future-ready approach powered by cutting-edge technology!

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