IPE - SOX Readiness Considerations

Mukesh Arora
Mukesh Arora Internal Audit Professional
Lin Wang
Lin Wang Internal Audit Professional

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Mukesh Arora has over 15 years of experience in IT Audit & Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), Information Security and Compliance with a demonstrated history of success in internal controls, risk mitigation and process improvement. Mukesh has worked in various sectors including Healthcare Services, Enterprise Software, and Oil, Gas, Energy & infrastructure Services. Mukesh formerly worked as the IT Audit Director at Modivcare and has worked on multiple SOX readiness engagements.

Lin Wang has over 10 years of experience in public accounting and internal audit, leading engagements for SOX and operational audits. Lin has experience working with public and private companies in various sectors including asset management, automotive, healthcare, and insurance. Lin formerly worked as the Director of Internal Audit at Modivcare and has worked on SOX readiness engagements for various business processes.


Over the past few years, additional documentation and testing requirements have been brought up by the auditors regarding IPE (Information Provided by Entity). With the renewed focus on the IPE, this session focuses on identifying different types of IPEs and their associated risks, discussing system considerations for IPE, sharing our experiences in IPE testing, as well as the practice of building a consistent IPE process. The speakers share examples and learnings from the past few years including SOX readiness initiatives.

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