Is Your Business Prepared for the EU AI Act: Internal Audit’s Critical Role

Sofia Ihsan
Sofia Ihsan EY
Nishobika Sivakumaran
Nishobika Sivakumaran EY
Al Mawji
Al Mawji AuditBoard

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Sofia Ihsan leads the UK & Ireland responsible AI team and has over 25 years’ experience in technology risk services. She has a depth of experience in internal controls around financial reporting, cybersecurity, and responsible AI. She has led complex projects with major companies across multiple UK sectors to help clients manage technology risks, build confidence, and enhance stakeholder value.

Nishobika Sivakumaran is the Technical Lead for EY UK&I’s Responsible AI team where she focuses on governance and risk management throughout the AI lifecycle. A data & risk analyst by training, she helps clients across sectors to identify, monitor and mitigate risks using a data-driven approach to assess business processes. In addition to working with clients, Nishobika also has a global role in implementing Responsible AI across EY.

Al Mawji, CMIIA, leads the Alliances UK&I team at AuditBoard. An experienced audit and risk professional with over 20 years of experience, Al spent the last 10 years as a Chief Internal Auditor at Brookfield Asset Management in New York.


With the passage of the EU’s AI Act — which has been likened to the GDPR for artificial intelligence — it is essential for businesses to address the impact of AI on their future strategies and operational frameworks. Internal auditors must understand the effects of such rapid technological advancement on their companies’ risk landscape – as well as the potential opportunities cutting-edge technology presents for enhancing audit processes. Balancing AI’s potential as a key catalyst for growth with the growing risks these technologies bring will require internal audit to step into a leadership role in helping their businesses prepare for compliance with the new and evolving AI regulations.

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