SOX and SPACs: Everything You Need to Know

Evan McParland
Evan McParland AuditBoard
Ashok Parmar
Ashok Parmar Deloitte & Touche LLP

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Evan McParland is a Senior Manager of Solutions Advisory Services at AuditBoard. He works with SOX, Internal Audit, Risk, and Compliance teams to help streamline and address pain points using AuditBoard’s purpose-built technology. Evan previously was an experienced manager at KPMG within their Risk Advisory practice as a leader on co-source internal audit engagements and external audits. Evan also helped clients through SOX readiness, SOC1/SOC2 compliance, cyber security assessments, and various advisory services.

Ashok Parmar is a Partner with Deloitte & Touche LLP, based in the Los Angeles office, leading growth in the Technology, Media and Telecommunications industry with a focus on assisting and advising clients on accounting, financial reporting, technical accounting, internal controls, and capital markets transactions (IPO, SPAC, Debt Offering, and Private Equity transactions). He also advises and assists clients with the assessment and implementation of the new accounting standards or updates to the accounting standards (e.g., revenue recognition, lease accounting, CECL). He is also a technical accounting resource on complex accounting areas such as revenue recognition, debt and equity transactions, leasing, consolidation, etc. Ashok completed a three-year rotation in our National Office focusing on several topics.


Special purpose acquisition companies, or SPACs, are the hottest thing in investor circles. Although these shell companies allow companies to go public outside the traditional IPO process, they are still subject to SEC regulatory oversight. In this session, we’ll explore the internal audit concerns raised by SPACs, with a focus on Sarbanes-Oxley considerations.

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