Taming the Elusive Risk: Bracing for Heightened Risk Exposure With Audit Transformation

Sarah Fedele
Sarah Fedele Deloitte & Touche LLP
Carrie Weber
Carrie Weber Nelnet
Patrick Noll
Patrick Noll Delta Air Lines

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Sarah Fedele leads the U.S. Internal Audit practice within Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory and is a member of Deloitte’s Global Internal Audit executive team. She also leads Deloitte’s Chief Audit Executive program where she works closely with CAEs at every stage in their career journey to confidently manage the complexities and expectations of the role and to transform the way that they do business today.

Carrie Weber is an experienced audit and risk executive with over 20 years of experience. She is currently the Chief Audit Executive at Nelnet. Her experiences include building internal audit functions, transforming internal audit teams, leading cybersecurity teams, managing cyber incident response, developing and managing risk appetite, managing compliance functions, owning enterprise risk management, and utilizing her expertise to support management and the board of directors.

Patrick Noll is a dynamic internal audit leader who currently serves as the General Manager of IT for the Delta Air Lines Corporate Audit Department. In this pivotal role, Pat spearheads and supervises multiple teams, including IT Operational Audit, GRC, Digital Audit, and SOX, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.


Learn from audit and professional practice leaders about how they’re redefining and bolstering their internal audit departments’ role, function, and processes. They’ll share how they’ve adopted new strategies, technologies, and methodologies to improve effectiveness, efficiency, and value-added capabilities.

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