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Remote Auditing Success Across the Audit Cycle

In this episode of AuditTalk, Yulia Gurman, Executive Director of Internal Audit and Corporate Security at Packaging Corporation of America (PCA), dives into findings from The Remote Auditor, a recent survey report from the Internal Audit Foundation and AuditBoard that assesses the impact of remote work on the internal audit profession. In an information-packed presentation, Yulia shares her best practices and real-world examples of how to sustain a positive virtual work environment for internal audit and its stakeholders, including:

  • How PCA’s audit team capitalizes on a remote environment’s advantages to expand talent, audit coverage, and technology use, and overcomes the challenges that accompany virtual observations and relationship-building.

  • Practical tips and examples for success across the remote audit cycle — from planning and document review to site visits, remote interviews, and closing meetings.

  • Keys for collaboration and communication while remote, including how to run a productive virtual meeting, strike the right tone in emails, and work together to improve the team’s communication skills.

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